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  1. Came up with that and tried it in the meantime. I just usually try to double-check my Ideas on the Forum because KSP takes awfully long to load.
  2. Possibly my favorite Quote: RTFM-Instructions prevent Destructions. And then I don't obey it myself...
  3. Yep, that did it. I've proved myself as Idiot today...
  4. No Galaxies The "Show Bodies"-Menu shows sometimes more, sometimes less entries. That isn't really a Problem because obviously I can also Target with the Map View. However, the "Show Galaxies"-Menu never showed anything. Log Files:
  5. Dmagic Magnetometer not functioning as Ore Scanner Any Ideas what to to? Log Files:
  6. Magnetometer not functioning as Ore Scanner in Scansat Any Ideas what to to? Log Files:
  7. It worked. Next thing to do is make it rerunnable. Can I somehow copy the Module: Experiment from the Interstellar Drill (which is rerunnable) .cfg?
  8. THAT is so obvious I didn't even think of it. To quote Sergei Korolov: The simpler an idea is, the more brilliant it is. Thank you. Edit: it worked. Unfortunately it keeps saying "No Route to Target". Since it doesn't show any Target Coordinates or Distance in the Control Panel and shows nothing on the Map (whatever it is supposed to look like), I guess that it doesn't find a Target at all. I tried various Things like Waypoints, setting other Crafts as Target or manuall picking in the Map. The Result is alway the same.
  9. I don't have a Problem with low Average Speeds; but especially small robotic Rovers are gonne be quite hard to equip with that much RTGs or Solar Panels.
  10. Two Questions: I want to also give the new Mk 2 Lander Can a Bon Voyage Function; I guess that the tweak copied below to the BonBoyage.cfg Patch would do it. But I am not sure about it. Next thing is that I designed all my Rovers to just be able for continuous driving, no more, no less. So the Power Generation is about 10-15% of the maximum Consumption of the Wheels. The 35% seem a bit much to me considering that the Wheels only draw full Power for a very short Moment and just a Fraction of that during continous driving. My RoveMate Design with 6 S2 Wheels for Instance would need 4 RTGs instead of one. That seems ridiculous to me. So I'd like to reduce that if posssible but have no Idea how. Tweak to the BonVoyage.cfg Patch: // Stock - Mk2LanderCabin @PART[mk2LanderCabin_v2] { MODULE { name = BonVoyageModule } } (With one Line left empty to the Top and Bottom)
  11. So this just needs to be copied into the .cfg of the drill? And I guess // SurfaceSampleDrills.cfg v1.0 instead of // SuraceSampleDrills.cfg v1.0 i hiess.
  12. The Bahamuto Science Drill certainly is a very handy Part for Probes. Unfortunately that Thing is MASSIVE and doesn't really fit onto most Probe Cores; not to mention the RoveMate Rover Body (I like Rovers). It can't be scaled down by TweakScale either, what would make Sense in my Opinion since a lot of Probes carry Experiments like that-just reasonably sized. I know that the Interstellar Mod includes this Drill in a tweakable and rerunnable Version but I am a bit reluctant to install Interstellar now because it wrecks the Dawn Engine which I am using in some Probes that would the become useless. So I've been trying a bit to either way make the "stock" Bahamuto Drill tweakable or "extract" it from Interstellar. None of that really worked. I then came up with the Idea to add this Sample Extraction Function to the Drill-O-Matic (Junior of course) stock Parts instead. So here is my Question: Can I just copy the "Science Module"-Section from the Bahamuto to the Stock Drills .cfg-Files or is there anything else I have to keep in Mind? I did some minor Tweaks to the Game Files before, like increasing the Stress Tolerance of Wheels after they kept mysteriously breaking evenwithout much Stress on Eve, un-hiding the Mk 1-2 Pod from the Tech Tree or increasing the Mass of some OP lightweight Parts (Big Khleb...). But I wasn't succesful at adding "new" functions to Parts, as said above.
  13. No Screenshot but a Video (Links to Google Drive seem to be not accepted) It integrates the Station Science and the Nehemiah Engineering Mods to gather a lot of Science from Kerbin Orbit. Available on Steam Workshop:
  14. I found an almost even place near the Mun's South Pole and built a stock base on it; see the adjacent YT video. Download Link: Question: Is this place known to anybody else? Because I googled before for similar places but found nothing.