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  1. Did it. But maybe I should have checked before what the Pre-Landing Mode actually does on it. I expected an inflatable floating Aid and not the Fender-Thing that it actually has. Makes no Sense when you splash it down like I do. But thanks for the Offer.
  2. I wanted to make my trusted KV-3 Spacecraft go to the Mun so I built a similar Lander with the KV-2 Pod and a large Launcher similar to the ill-fated N1 Soviet Moon Rocket. I am aware that it "might have one or two" historical Inaccuracies but I never wanted to do an exact Replica. The only practical Use I can think of is Tourist Contracts, as it is cheaper and has a lower Tech Level than my other Designs that can get two or more Kerbals to the Mun/Minmus but hasn't even nearly the Potential for Science as they do (Saturn 5 for the Mun and something SLS-Style for Minmus). Theoretically it could also be used to fly Scientists/Engineers to the Mun and Minmus for levelling up. If you Launch form the KSC it has quite excessive ΔV as I designed it with the Baikerbanur Space Center in Mind. You can Download it from the Steam Workshop; the Link is in the Video Description (I don't want to put to much Links here) The LKO Launcher for the KV-3 Spacecraft is inspired by the Soyuz Rocket, I can post it too if you are interested.
  3. The Pre-Landing-Mode only is available on the old Mk 1 Pod but not on the new Model. I browsed a little through the Local Files but didn't find a File that I could copy/edit to fix this. Any Advice?
  4. Turns out it is caused by Kopernicus. Deleting the Group does exactly what I wanted to do. Weird Thing is that it only messes up Baikerbanur but all other Launchsites are functioning as they should. So I had to abandon Baikerbanur and get the Kosmodrome Mod instead for my Soviet Style Crafts.
  5. I recently started to make some Carreer Mode Playthrough/Let's Play Videos. I just wanted to record what I do and my Thoughts about it, even though I know most likely almost nobody is going to watch them. Anyway, I'm interested in Opinions about it; guess I still have to massively improve my speaking as it is highly unusual for me to speak without direct Audience (I am even reluctant to speak onto Phone Mailboxes). Oh yes, and my Accent is ridiculous So here's the Playlist:
  6. Dunno if it belongs here because it is not very cinematic compared to some other Videos but I made this short Clip of my Vostok-inspired Craft:
  7. I built this little Spacecraft inspired by Vostok with Parts from the Making Hisory DLC. I say inspired instead of Replica because there are a couple of Inaccuracies. It is ridiculously overpowered both in Terms of ΔV and TWR so the Gravity Turn must be initiated very early and very flat. If you play on Steam you can Download it from the Steam Workshop, the Link is in the Video Description.
  8. Oh dear, Kerbalism sounds complex. I do have Life Support but I wanted to keep it "Kerbal" so I chose Snacks. DangIt is really nice for manned Missions where the Engineer has to EVA a pre-Landing Check (like Engines, Tanks, Control Surfaces and Landing Gear on a Shuttle) but with Probes that fly literally for Decades (OPM installed) they will almost inevitably be bricked by a failed Engine or Reaction Wheel. Yup, I'd build Probes with a higher Quality Standart than manned Spacecraft. Possibly one of the most Kerbal Things imaginable.
  9. Like almost every Part can fail in some Way and the Probability of a Failure increases with both the Time it was in Operation and just the Time in general. They can be fixed by an Engineer using the "Spare Parts" Resource and can be maintained by them or checked by any Kerbal to give a temporary Reliability Boost. What it does not include is the Ability to test and validate Parts in order to increase their Reliabilty. There also is a similar Mod that allows you adjust the Build Quality of a Part to make Failures less likely at the cost of Funds which I mistook to bei included in DangIt. Seems like I was wrong and it actually is yet another Mod.
  10. It seems like Kopernicus is causing this: to the Kerbal Constructs Mod. The Baikerbanur Launchpad and CommNet Antenna just disappeared. I can support these Logs+GameData Screenshot with many Mods installed, but I broke the Problem down to be caused by Kopernicus by removing all Mods and installing them again one by one. KSP.log: ModuleManager.ConfigCache: GameData Folder:
  11. I am having som Trouble with the Baikerbanur Space Center. See this Picture: I originally intended to remove all the Custom Assets to revert to the "stock" Launch Site that you get from the Kerbal Konstructs Mod by deleting the KSC2 Folder from the Kerbin Side Remastered Directory; this is what happened: Any Help how I can launch from the original Baikerbanur Launch Pad? I started this Thread about it too:
  12. Here they are: KSP.log ModuleManager.ConfigCache Game Data Baikerbanur with Kerbin Side Remastered
  13. I am having Trouble with all Buildings except the VAB disappearing from the Baikerbanur Space Center. Kerbal Konstructs then uses the VAB Roof as Launch Pad, see the adjacent Video Clip. This first happend when I removed the KSC2 Files from the Kerbin Side Remastered Mod in order to get the stock Baikerbanur back but also happens randomly without Kerbin Side Remastered installed. Once the Buildings disappeared they don't come back. I am playing on Version 1.8.1 and can later provide my Game Data Folder and Log Files (am typing this on the go)
  14. EDIT: The robotic Rover with Skycrane requires the Breaking Ground DLC and isn't stock. My bad. And it's obviously on Eve but can easily go to the Mun too. Two Options: Apollo-Style (requires the Making History DLC): Rover with Skycrane (requires the Breaking Ground DLC): If you play on Steam you can download them here: