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  1. Been there, done that. I just used the built in Microphone of my Laptop right after my Headset died, big Mistake: EDIT: Why did you edit "excrementsy" into "bad"? I've got to remember that Word for the next Time YouTube's Age Restriction AI goes Nuts That makes Sense. And it shows that you keep updating your Mods unlike many others. I just keep my Fingers crossed for Saturn, Uranus and Neptun being added to the Kerbol System. Did Voon have a Titan-Equivalent Moon btw? Tekto, orbiting Sarnus in OPM is one of my favourite Bodies. Everything I've read about KSS so far looks like it would be great in Galaxies Unbound, maybe with some Updates if necessary. Stupid me should've hit "Submit Reply"; this Post has been sitting around completed but unsent for at least 20 Minutes; hence two Posts from me right after each other
  2. That reminds me a little of the Black Hole Murph in the Event Horizon Planet Pack. I guess these are for other Star Systems? Btw. I just remembered that I actually found Galaxies Unbound when searching for Kerbal Star System; the Kerbol Planets there seem nice and would be great in Galaxies unbound. Why did you kill KSS in the first Place though?
  3. I removed Pood's OPM VO for my Attempts to get the Galaxies Unbound Visuals working, as it is another Visual Mod that may (and probably will according to the Instructions) interfere. I took that Screenshot right after I saw the according Reply and before I closed my ongoing KSP Game, hence it shows the State where I played with SVE.
  4. Patch is a very crude DIYed Module Manager Script to allow taking Surface Samples with the Drill-O-Matics and was supposed for some other abandoned Ideas of mine, mostly combining that Script with a Deploy&Retract Drill Animation and another Script to make resettable Experiments like the Mystery Goo repeatable with a High Tech Level Tech Tree Node. Guess it's fairly obvious that these Things should go to not make the Sample Drill overly OP at first but later allow for great Robotic Rovers at high Tech Levels, especially along with the BonVoyage Mod. If you know how to do these two Things, you're welcome to help me (I'm quite amazed what @StarCrusher96 did here at probably the same Age as me. Mind you, I'm borderline Computer Illiterate and more familiar with Mechanical and Electrical Things lol) If you're interested in it, here's the Drill-O-Matic Script: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yBcMiafsgf6RoVCs0f84_QstbftDjzDD/view?usp=sharing And as I said, I'd like to replace Pood's OPM VO andOPM itself with this Mod if Saturn, Uranus and Neptun are added to the Kerbol System. I'm still sitting on the Edge of my Seat to see what the included Visual Overhauls for the stock Bodies will do and will provide more Logs if the Steps you described fail too.
  5. Haven't checked the Clips yet; I just installed it like any other Mod by copying the Folders into GameData. Here's the Screenshot for now. I repaced the GU_Visuals with SVE again after removing it didn't help and also got Pood's OPM VO. Getting it back the Way it should be for providing the correct Log Files will take a While, mostly because of the long Load Times. Talking about SVE and OPM: What are your Plans for more Kerbol Planets, according to the Poll? I really like the Concept of OPM recreating the real beyond Jupiter/Jool Planets so it would be great having something similar in this Planet Pack and thus rendering OPM obsolete. Similarly, do the GU_Visuals add Clouds etc. to the stock Kerbol Planets? I'd like to replace SVE too but definitely prioritize the Kerbin System over other Stars. EDIT: The Install Video is so quiet that I can barely hear it over my Jet Engine Laptop, so maybe I have to fix my Headset before it can help me
  6. Haven't tried it as I don't have any Science or Carreer Mode Saves going on right now. But it sounds very promising so I'll definitely take a Look at it when I start a new Save.
  7. OK that's new to me. The Wide Field Camera did allow to Zoom in and take Pictures rewarding Science Points for the Body you took a Picture of, at least with the outdated Version. Or did you use the Occultation Camera? I didn't even know of that one (maybe it was added by @linuxgurugamer for the Refocused Version which would explain why I didn't know it yet) but it sounds more of a passive Experiment than the Wide Field Camera. Anyway, at least the old Wide Field Camera was great when you could do a little bit of Jool and beyond Research from Low Kerbin Orbit and you actually got Jool and beyond Science Points instead of just Kerbin. Taking a Picture of the Murph Black Hole (Event Horizon Planet Pack) rewarded over 1000 Science Points because of it's insane Multipler and a great Screenshot.
  8. I have some Problems with the provided EVE (definitely) and Scatterer (maybe) Options. The EVE Features on all Planets are gone when I copy the GU_Visuals_EVE and GU_Visuals_Scatterer Folders into my Game. IIRC are the white Atmospheres caused by Scatterer Problems but I'm not 100% sure on that, because other Scatterer Things like Sunsets and Water work normally. I'm playing on 1.10.1 with the latest Scatterer and EVE-Redux Versions and Stock Visual Enhancements. The output_log.txt File is very large so I will upload it only if neccessary. Logs: ModuleManager.ConfigCache: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16wPQDMcclEmylGJPG1qXsWcOz7LME-20/view?usp=sharing KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V83GNIt55zGCoY1kgEhBJm4Q0GKQMXyo/view?usp=sharing
  9. How do you mean exactly? I have found this updated Version of CactEye just Minutes ago and haven't tested it yet, but in my Experience from playing with outdated CactEye Versions, it is far superior to the Tarsier Telescopes, mostly because it actually adds the Science to the Bodies you are oberserving and not to the one you are orbiting (I love that). The only Thing I can think of is that the larger Tarsier Telescope may have better Zoom, but I have never tried that because the typical shaking even made the best Zoom on the CactEye and the small Tarier Telescope pretty useless.
  10. Not exactly a Perseverance Replica but more inspired by the intended Sampke Return Aspect.
  11. I took a little Inspiration by the projected Sample Return Purpose of the new Mars Rover and made something of that kind in KSP
  12. Quick Question: Does anyone know which Engines are supposed to go on the S-I-C and S-II (first and second Stage) of the Saturn V Parts? I didn't find one that seemed fitting to me-the LV-T80 "Robin" has a bad TWR on the Second Stage and the RE-M1 "Commodore" is too large for the First Stage. I also tried the F-1 respectively J-2 Replicas from the Making History DLC but the RE-I2 "Skiff" has even worse TWR on the second Stage while the KE-1 "Mastodon" works fine on the first Stage, but I'm sure there are other Engines intended for that Purpose as that DLC wasn't around yet when this Mod came up.
  13. Works fine with 1.11 too. Mods that add Parts only generally work fine with any upwards Versions; it's the ones that add Functions you have to watch out for. And you can just create a throwaway Savegame to test for Mod Compatabilty; that usually is faster than asking and waiting for Replies on the Forum.
  14. So do I. But KAS can work without KIS if you attach the Connector Sockets in VAB or SPH, it just isn't as versatile.
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