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  1. Dunno, but I'd say JNSQ will need an expansion that fits its style.
  2. Looks like a gravioli anomali.
  3. I think that's just Felsmak.
  4. Gorgeous, for sure! I can see many people appreciating the great visuals your pack will offer. Well, not me. My computer isn't good enough
  5. So, no ice and a higher sea level? Seems simple enough. I'll be waiting.
  6. What are the seas of JNSQ Eve made of, anyway? Every time I see them, I can't help but become curious.
  7. It's an impressive build, for sure. I'm sure you'll improve in the future.
  8. In hindsight, this kinda makes sense. After all, Kerbin does look like a timefall-ravaged America without its terrain scatters.
  9. The fact that it's so close in makes me wonder how it got there. After all, Minmus is rather far from Kerbin. Though, it's probably been made from a sister body of Minmus that was crushed by tidal forces.
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