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  1. 52 days. It should be enough, but I want to have a rescue ship in place ahead of time. This entire situation is an effect of of my "good enough, I'll look into details latter" slapdash planning.
  2. The problem may be, it is not, in fact, an asteroid. It is the future orbit of a interplanetary craft, the orbit after several planned course corrections. It seems KSP is not showing AN, DN or intersect nodes for interception of the planned orbits. But I found a workaround, I think. If I plan encounter from the point of view of approaching "asteroid" ship, targeting the rescue vessel, it shows relevant nodes. I am going to keep changing the orbit of the rescuer, and then switching to approaching craft, to check how to nodes are changing. Unless there is more direct method?
  3. Thank you for your answer. But how do I match the inclination of orbits? It is not showing me any AN or DN nodes.
  4. Hi, I am still trying to figure it out. When my Eve expedition is going to zip through Kerbin SOI it is going to look like that: It is almost as if I have been trying to intercept an asteroid that threatens Kerbin. And I have well over a year for preparations. But I cannot figure out how to match orbit with something like that. It is hyperbolic orbit, right? How one is catching up with is, preferably before it passes Kerbin periapsis?
  5. I see what you mean, but craft's velocity while passing Eve will be even bigger, 59000m/s, while having about 600 m/s dv to work with. If I cannot aerobrake at Kerbin, Eve is even more out of the question. It is my fault, when staring this mission I just wanted Eve encounter, I thought that I will somehow figure up the means of safe return afterwards. Do you think that having the biggest heatshield would make a difference? Would I, with it, be able to shed 2000m/s dv, in single pass?
  6. I am not going to stop at Eve, the craft will just zip through there. I have contract to do a flyby. The mission is going to show up back around Kerbil in about one and half a year, though. I am thinking of some unmanned probe meeting it on solar orbit, to refuel and maybe provide a heatshield, to be docked with crew cabin. But it is going to be tricky to set up.
  7. I don't even want this craft to land. Not all of it. It is not build that way. All I hope for is very elliptic Kerbin orbit, as re-fuelinging would be orders of magnitude easier then doing it on solar orbit. Unfortunately, craft does not have a heat shield. Do you think I'll be able to dip into atmo deep enough to shed about 2000m/s dv, in one pass, without exploding? Or should I re-design the entire flight plan?
  8. Thanks. I am trying to set up the return to Kerbin after fly-by Eve. I am fairly new to the interplanetary travel. Will I be able to aerobrake at about 5500m/s? This is my speed at the Kerbin periapsis. I would need almost 2200m/s of deltaV to stay on Kerbin orbit. I expect to have about 300m/s. Is it even possible to bleed that many deltaV without exploding? Or should I give up and look after another solution, like refueling at the solar orbit?
  9. Is there a way to see what is going to be the craft's velocity, when said craft will be approaching a planet, after setting up series of nodes? Without wrapping all the way there, and performing all the planed maneuvers, that is.
  10. I don't have sandbox save, as yet. I have thought that I finish Career mode at least once, before going into Sandbox.
  11. Thank you all. This one behaves much better. It still can disassemble when trying too high a jump, but it is not supposed to be a hotrod. It is interesting stuff. While I don't want to redesign my Minmus ore hauler, it is worth to keep it in mind for future constructions. Like the craft that will haul the ore form the Minmus surface to the orbit processing centre . Speaking of which. I have an extension to a Minmus orbital station on the way already. And I have used there rigidly connected large ore tanks. Do you think I am going to run into troubles once the tanks are full? The part on the left of the HubMax is already on the Minmus orbit. The part on the right in on its way there.
  12. If only KSP allowed more then just one joining point between two parts... This is the single most annoying limitation of this game.
  13. No, I don't. Have I created rover similar to one available in this mod?
  14. You may be right, thanks. I just tested it with empty tanks, it was able to perform quite a jumps without breaking apart. After some tweaking attachments of the wheels, that is. Well, this thing is supposed to be used on Minmus. Lower gravity there... But, on the other hand, I don't want to be thwarted after hauling it all the way there.
  15. I created a simple rover to transfer ore from the miner to a craft. But whenever it hits a small bump the large holding tanks get unglued from each other. All of it falls down and explodes.
  16. It is unzipped in the gamedata folder. In new game, sandbox mode, it also does not work. Do I necessarily need Module Manager?
  17. I have installed it just the same way as AlarmClock and Kerbal Engineer - these two both do work. Unzipped it into gamedata folder. Is it even possible to do it wrong?
  18. I decided that I need some help with setting up maneuver nodes for interplanetary transfer. So I am trying to install Mechjeb 2. Mechjeb version; KSP version 1.10.1 I pasted it into KSP/GameData directory. It doesn't seem to start. No new parts, no new menus, no new buttons. Is it supposed to add a new button to toolbar, the way AlarmClock and Kerbal Engineer does? I feel stupid. Am I supposed to activate it somehow?
  19. The problem being, I have a small fleet prepared to start exploring Duna, first wave already in the Munar orbit, waiting for a get go "Explore Duna" quest, when the return craft from Minmus arrives. And the Eve is in somewhat uncomfortable place, about 45% ahead of Kerbin. Oh, well, I guess I'll proceed with Duna exploration as planed, and try to make a flyby on Eve as contract insists as well. I have a small scout ship on Minmus orbit, with 2500ms dv, I wonder if I can figure out some dv wasteful trajectory for a flyby, that does not require a half a year?
  20. What is the proper progression of contracts? I just finished exploring Minmus, and the next explore contract points me to Eve. I have thought it should be Duna. None of my craft have left the Kerbin SOI as yet. I have been trying to reload to just before landing the return craft from Minmus, a dozen of times, but to no avail, it is always "Explore Eve". Sometimes it is one star contract, sometimes three-star one, but always Eve. I was also trying to warp the time without picking up contract, it will always stay "Explore Eve". Will I get explore Duna after finishing with Eve if I keep away from Duna till then, or somehow I locked myself from storyline Duna contracts for good?
  21. Damn. Just as I was going to start using Mun' refuel station. With a row of crafts waiting for just produced fuel. It makes the game almost unplayable (rage quits and stalks off).
  22. I have returned to the Kerbal after a three month pause, and it seems I cannot refuel my crafts any more. Where there some changes in the meantime? I right click of both tanks of the docked crafts, click "in" one the empty one, and nothing happens. Sometimes it helps to enable crossfeed on both docking rings (I don't remember having to do it three month ago), and sometimes it don't. There are tanks that seem impossible to refuel. What's happened?
  23. That is exactly my problem. But how does it works? And how do I reverse the process? No. My mining craft has a pylon connected to a docking ring (through a small fuel tank). If tested on the runway, it is bolted away from the miner, along the docking port. Even in the orbit, after being launched, it worked as expected, disconnecting at the proper side But once I docked miner to the skycrane and landed it on the Mun, the pylon just shoots away a docking port, the pylon staying glued to the miner. How do I turn the priorities back? It does not matter if the connected crafts are "control from here" from the Miner or the Skycrane.
  24. How to determine which end of a small hardpoint, or a pylon, will decouple? It seems it is flexible. Testing it on the launchpad, the pylon stays one the one part after decoupling (the one I want). Then on the orbit, after docking to other ship, it is the other way around. I am left with the pylon stuck to the part it was supposed to be bolted off. Not that much of the problem, but I'd like to know how the game decides such a thing.
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