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  1. I'm creating a mission control style mod and getting the altitude, periapsis, apoapsis, orbital speed, surface speed, etc etc seems to *really* lag. I update it only once a second (I would love to update it more often for a better mission control experience) but then once a second there's a huge lag spike for the mission control windows displaying the data. If I'm dragging the window or resizing it, it's super noticeable. Or if I'm selecting a drop down menu to view list of vessels to target, etc. The game is fine though, doesn't lag with this. Same issue with the mod MOCR which does the same thing using kRPC as well. It will freeze and crash once I have 3 or more data windows open. Is there a way to get this data without the lag? I don't see how it would even be causing the lag tbh if it's just pulling some simple data.
  2. Awesome mod! I was wondering how you figure out where each planet is? I want to do the calculations by hand but have no idea how to get the current planets' positions.
  3. I found out about MOCR and I love it! Buuut there's some stuff like inertial angles being flipped, the help screen not showing all the available screens, etc. Small stuff. Plus a few things I would like to add as well. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of how to fix this? Seems like tunefix, the original creator, hasn't had any activity for the past year. There's the whole thing on github here: https://github.com/Tunefix/KSP_MOCR/releases and I found which files contain what needs to be fixed but they're all .cs or something? The standalone download, not the master, seems like it was compiled with Python which I'm pretty familiar with. I could honestly fix what I want in the master files but have no idea how to compile it or work with those files. Also not sure what the pyssmq server is or what it's used for. Google returns nothing on pyssmq. Telemachus with the Houston UI looks ok but not great and it's incredibly laggy for me. But KSP MOCR runs very smoothly and I absolutely love the retro look. EDIT: I also want to be able to select targets and view relative velocity, inclination, etc which is not currently an option. That's the one thing I really want to add to the mission controller side of things since the pilot will be locked into IVA mode only (without the fancy custom IVA screens as that renders a mission control redundant).
  4. Works now, thanks. I've no idea why the dll wasn't there before, I got it from the github. I guess I downloaded the master or something else idk.
  5. Yes, I have all the latest versions of each dependency. I am running latest version of KSP with all the DLC's too. On Windows 10. However, RasterPropMonitor has no dll where the instructions say it should. The download does not come with one. Is this a problem? And if so, how do I get the dll?
  6. This isn't working for me for some reason, this is what I see with it installed: This is in the mk1-3 command pod.