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  1. This is practically already in KSP 1. I use flags and bases to mark and name major locations on celestial bodies, and it will be possible to accomplish the same thing in KSP 2 with colonies.
  2. Made my Friday. Even if this game doesn't live up to the hype in other areas improved terrain and visuals is all I could really ask for. I'm rooting for you guys!
  3. I don't think micro-transactions will be a problem for KSP, On that note DLC seems to be on the table, and only God knows how many $20 DLCs are going to be put out post launch.
  4. Agreed. While I despise corporate greed my alarms haven't set off yet for this game. As you said, aside from the weird micro-transactions on the Bedrock Edition Minecraft has been doing quite well under Microsoft.
  5. Honestly I expect there to be maybe 3 or 4 new solar systems at launch with the team releasing new ones down the line as free expansions or more likely as dlc.
  6. I have a small theory of my own regarding the feature videos and how close the game is to release. Now I'm assuming these feature videos will only cover the largest features of the game (future tech, colonies, multiplayer, etc.) and were meant to release on a steady schedule leading up to release before the delays and their production being disrupted by COVID-19. This is complete speculation but I expect there to be like 5-6 major feature videos in total or left to make. So while its not exactly an exact answer its not a bad idea to use the releases of feature videos to gauge how much longer w
  7. It could be a new spaceplane cockpit developed for the game, but from what I currently understand planes aren't at the top of their to-do list so it could just be an older part that they're recycling.
  8. I'm under the impression that the game's "tech tree" progression will sort of start where the original game left off, meaning that you start with the full tech tree of KSP 1 and go from there.
  9. Late reply but I brought this up to a friend who said that they think this cool thing could be related to the music changing depending on what you're doing in game, which was a really fun system in Portal 2. Only speculation but its fun to think about!
  10. I wonder if the music that is being played in these show and tell videos is from the soundtrack, because I couldn't find any artists credited in the description.
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