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  1. Dok ! I've tried to uninsntal and intall texture replacer again, and it worked ! After installing it I disabled that option and the new clothes from Suit Picker worked !! Thanks for your tip !!!
  2. Yes, i did it, but it haven't worked . What can i do ?
  3. Hi ! Guys i am thinking i am having a problem, i change the texture on Suit picker, but it doesn't change in game. Can you help me ?
  4. Hi ! Is there a way to change Jool's animation and texture trought texture replacer in 1.10 ? @shaw ( It's not the name I know that now jool's texture is called CloudPattern_low )
  5. Hi ! Guys I'm here today, because i am developing a mod to KSP, it have a time in production, I had to stop due to Coronavirus disease, but now i am back; the point it is that the game updated to 1.10 and now jool is a gorgeus gas giant with animations, even before the update ( still in 1.7 ) i developed a new jool's texture, but now i want to animate it and put in the game, the animation part it's not a problem to me, I am a designer, what i want to know it is the format of the archive, how it have to be and how can i put it into the game. Can you help me ?
  6. Hi Margo ! Glad to meet you
  7. Hii @blackrack !! I am here again, because i am having an old issue again, until yesterday i was using the scaterrer modified and adapted for 1.9 by @R-T-B, due to the development of my mod, but i decided to update to your version and again the sunflares stopped working in the game, it just work when i am in the tracking station or looking throught the map view. What can we do to fix it ?
  8. Ahh ok ! Anyway now we have sure it's a 1.9 Squad problem and doesn't have to care about it anymore, i wish that you can fix this other bug as soon as possible, luck !
  9. Look i took a print in the notebook, and as you can see, it isn't with scatterer atmosphere, the note doesn't have any GPU and same with that the bug happens, maybe it's a problem of KSP 1.9 ?
  10. Hi @R-T-B ! Good afternoon ! Well, i am not in the conversation, but i think that i can contribute with a information ! Well i don't remember if i said to you but I am have an notebook that isn't very much powerful, the one who motivated me to start my project, it does not have scaterrer atmosphere in Kerbin but that bug of black mountains in upper atmosphere is happening too, and it doesn't even have any graphical card, it's just the CPU ( Intel Core I5 ), without any GPU, so i am sure that the problem isn't NVIDIA.
  11. I want to delete the post, but i don't know how .
  12. Yeah, it's so strange, i tried again with the version that i was using yesterday and it didn't worked, well i don't know, but look, if the ChangeLog of the other version helps you with something or any other thing that i can help don't hesitate to ask for it.
  13. @R-T-B Hii !! I am sorry, today i've got a full day, because I upgraded my phone to the new Android 10 !! And i am so happy with this !! I am a enthusiastic of flagships phones and i have one that today updated to Android 10, I've passed all day enjoying and discovering new horizons with this new version of Android. So clean, so beauty, amazing to use, and incredible !! Well, then i turned my PC on and had another amazing surprise ! I saw, that yesterday you uploaded a new build of Scaterrer - UR 122, so i downloaded it and tested with my sunflares and guess what... It worked !! In a wonderful way it worked pretty well, my sunflares are there lighting up the gorgeous Kerbol system that i am revamping ! Thanks R-T-B for all your support and that amazing build/Work that you're doing with Blackrack's Mod ! Thanks.