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  1. Recompiled for KSP 1.9.1: https://github.com/c1usta/KS3P/releases
  2. @Shadowmage (At last!) Someone implements v2 shaders! Honestly, Im implements it in KSP too, but not released yet I tried to support KS3P, but later decide to make mod from scratch. No details, but there is not about simply apply v2 PP Unity package. So, maybe sometime this will be a challenge?
  3. https://github.com/c1usta/KS3P/releases/download/6.1.2-b3/KS3P-1.6.1-6.1.2-Beta3.zip
  4. I also need that because the versions I have installed aren´t working properly in my experience. I am using last version from this: https://github.com/c1usta/KS3P/releases But I will try beta 2 now to see if its better. On "releases" page you can find KS3P version compiled for KSP 1.6.1. There is no changes for this particular compilation between beta2 and beta3.
  5. Reason? I've asked before, had the answer. Honestly, I'm lost my interest to improve this mod after all... If my work goes to the black hole - so be it. The author ever bother to look at PR on github. Sad but true.
  6. I understood your properly Just want to say that I'm unable to improve this mod 'cause of author restrictions. But where is the author who claims so many features will be added? It's rhetorical question
  7. Claims to release new version. Couple of months ago. Prohibit to further devel of mine. So, wait for...
  8. I would be happy to do something about it, but @The White Guardian said out my hands from this mod I just fix it for latest KSP (at the moment of 1.7.3). No further development allowed... Maybe someday I'll present my own mod about KSP "visual perception". Have some thoughts. Have no time
  9. Exported settings saved as Export/ProfileName.txt Rename it to the ProfileName.cfg and delete the default one: if your settings about Flight scene - delete Flight.cfg from KS3P folder.
  10. It seems that there is some configs conflicts. That's why logs required. KPS.log
  11. Did you have Distant Object mod installed? Anyway try to change tonemapping settings (probably ACES profile is too dark for you). Set it to "Neutral" and play with color grading parameters.
  12. Got it. Actually I just made a patch for KSP 1.7.3 support. Those "unofficial" releases exists only to keep KS3P in working state while @The White Guardian concentrates on the new version (btw Post Processing Stack v2 I mentioned few pages ago ). Can't make any major changes to the mod's functionality. And this issue is likely about functionality. So... Can do it but I can't
  13. That issues seems had nothing with KS3P. Try to check it by disabling KS3P through GUI (ALT+3, Setup -> Disable).
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