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  1. When I set rules, people say things like this:
  2. Nothing! It just takes some fun out of the challenge. But if you want to take that way out, go ahead.
  3. You could use kerbnet to use it as an NSA satellite and Spy on Dunans...?
  4. Again, you can also use x5 gravity. Also, you can use all the mods you want! Use as many engines as you can, that’s part of the challenge. Go nuts and think outside the box
  5. As you might know (and you probably do), there is an island airfield not too far from the KSC. But how often do you use it? For this challenge, you must put the island to use by making it a tourist attraction! The attraction can be anything! A hotel, a statue, a flying ice cream cone, anything! Then you must ferry at least 12 tourists to the KSC peninsula for a tour! From there you must visit every building in the KSC, including the launchpad and runway. Any and all mods are allowed. Happy touring!
  6. So far I have been able to land my Kerbals on Duna! My lander looks really weird. But it’s functional and seats 4 Kerbals so I’m good! I built a ship in space called Planeteer to ferry my kerbals back and forth. As soon as I can figure out a way I’ll add pictures! Right now it’s Year 3, day 20
  7. Amphibious would work great! BDArmory is not required, but can be used. I have in the past used drill-o-matic as a cannon, so you can do some amazing things with stock parts too.
  8. That would be amazing! Imagine Jeb trying to figure out how to fly a ride in Tomorrowland at Disneyland!
  9. Exactly, go nuts! Remember, I said you can do this too if you like.
  10. You have probably run a mission to Eve and have had trouble escaping it’s massive gravity before. But what happens when Eve becomes a super earth and has 10x the mass? Your challenge is to launch a rocket from super Kerbin, achieve orbit, and go to super Eve, land, take off, and finally return to super Kerbin. To simulate the high super planet gravity, hold the alt key and press the f12 button, then go to cheats, click on hack gravity and set gravity to 10 (for an easier challenge, set gravity to 5). To measure your progress, use this rubric: Took off from Kerbin successfully...1 Achieved orbit of Kerbin...2 Set course for Eve...1 Orbit Eve...2 Land on Eve...2 Take off from Eve...3 Set course for Kerbin...2 Return to Kerbin’s surface...1 Total points possible:15 Add up your points and tell how you did!
  11. I designed a new rocket that kind of is a mix of the falcon 9 and Space Launch System for this challenge. I’m going to try my best on this!
  12. Sure. Why not? It looks amazing!
  13. I use it when I want to test my rockets. Shoot the kerbals up, and if something goes wrong use the good ol’ LES. Of course sometimes I forget to bring parachutes...
  14. Kerbal filming has just released a press announcement saying that they are coming out with a new sci-fi movie! Here’s the problem, there’s no movie! So they called the center of space exploration (you) and asked if you would make a storyboard and ships for them. “Feel free”, they say, “to even make the movie for us and put it on YouTube!” Requirements: •Must have at least 1 spaceship in the movie (interior scenes are optional). •Must have a plot. • Needs 2+ characters. • Mods are allowed, but try to get creative! • Remember, not all your ships have to be spaceships. You can make fighter planes, boats, cars, or even buildings! Best of luck and put your storyboard (and link to your movie, if you made one) down below!