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  1. During my recent attempt at rendezvousing two craft in orbit around the Mun (which was my first successful attempt! ) I ran into an issue with my probe. I was attempting to rendezvous a piloted craft with a probe-driven fuel depot in orbit around the Mun. As I was approaching the probe with my piloted craft, I switched to the probe to try and orient it normal/anti-normal in order to make the approach easier. However when I switched to the probe I was not able to control its orientation. I checked and made sure that there was indeed electrical charge but was still not able to control anything. After a lot of RCS maneuvering I was able to make the rendezvous anyways and after successfully returning Jeb to the KSP went back to my orbiting probe and found that I could only control it on the near-side of the Mun. What does it take in order to control a probe when there is no line-of-site to Kerbin? Do I need some kind of satellite network? Is it necessary to have a satellite network around every celestial body you intend to visit? Thanks in advance!