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  1. It hasn't caused me any issues, I use switch editor regularly without any problems on xbox.
  2. Yeah, so basically I have three rcs place anywhere ports on the bottom of the craft, essentially replacing what would normally be a liquid fuel engine.
  3. So, another question relating to this problem. The satellite in question uses three rcs thrusters. The thruster has an ISP of 240. Does that mean I need to multiply 240 by 3 or just still use 240 in the equation?
  4. Just to clarify somewhat about why I was trying to work this out. I didn't have any small engines unlocked yet and so was trying to figure out if the relay satellites I were about to place in synchronous orbits had enough delta v to circularise using rcs thrusters. Interesting idea there though. I'd be interested in seeing someone attempt it!
  5. Ah, no, I got the wet/dry the correct way around. What I did do wrong was I squared 9.81. I assumed you had to do this as part of the equation
  6. Right, so...if anyone fancies checking my maths. Satellite is made up as follows... 1 x probodobodyne HECS 3 x stratus V roundified monoprop tanks 3 x place anywhere 7 linear rcs ports 3 x OX-4L 1x6 photovoltaic panels 1 x Z-200 battery 1 x RA-2 relay antenna I worked out a delta v of 10195 Am I as bad at math as I think I am?
  7. Yes, sorry rcs engines. So is m0 without fuel and m1 with full fuel? What's Ln?
  8. Is there a way to calculate the amount of delta v for a monopropellant engine? Trying to work out if my satellite will have enough delta v to position itself
  9. Is there any word on when console will be getting Some Reassembly Required update?
  10. This may well have been discussed elsewhere, but I hope that ksp2 tech tree makes more use of probes and unmanned tech before manned. Playing through a new save now and wishing there was more capability and need to send probes and unmanned missions before sending kerbals up.
  11. The missions on this game are often bugged. I stopped playing career mode because I got sick to death of having to fail contracts because they don't work. You tick all the boxes but they still don't complete. So I just play science mode now. I hope they fix this on ksp 2, though I'm not confident.
  12. I'm a casual gamer and really not prepared to spend £1000 on a pc to play a game. I wouldn't use a pc as I'm an old fart and detest the things. Console...turn on on and start playing without worrying about updates and drivers etc etc. If ksp2 doesn't get a console release it won't be the end of my life. I got other stuff I can do.
  13. Pretty sure the mission planner is in the making history pack, I'm sure I had a fiddle with it when I first got it, but I could be mistaken. I'll have to check next time I'm on it. Busy playing elite at the moment
  14. Ah, didn't realise there were no bugs on pc! I rarely come across bugs. Bugs usually only occur when you make ridiculously over ambitious vehicles, but the same can be said of pc. Show me a game without bugs and I'll show you a chess board. Pretty sure we've got the same dlc, just not the mods. I don't mind waiting longer for updates, certification takes longer on console. I'm not impatient. But aside from all that, console is still quite a sizable chunk of the player base and should not be brushed aside.
  15. Higher than I thought too, though of course these figures are best guesstimate. Why do you think it's a bad port though? I don't really have any issues on console.
  16. The numbers don't appear to be available but looking at numerous sources and best guesses it looks to be around 25%. That's quite a chunk especially for a small company. And especially when you consider it hasn't been available for as long on console. Certainly not a player base you should be brushing under the carpet.
  17. What? Grateful for crumbs from the table of the PC master race? Console sales provide a sizable financial input for the devs to create new content and any potential sequels.
  18. 23 skipper engines?? If you're delta v is over 3500m/s it should still make orbit even with a twr of 1.1. I often have rocket twr of 1.1 or 1.2 at launch, then the twr increases as you go up and the weight reduces on your craft. I think we need to see a picture because 23 skipper engines sounds ludicrous.
  19. Or three in keostationary orbit. 1000 satellites just sounds like heat death of the processor to me!
  20. Having 1000 satellites will not give you 1000 sets of data
  21. Thank you, I'll take a look when I get a minute and let you know.
  22. All the buildings should already be maxed out on sandbox mode
  23. I wouldn't put too much faith in the bug tracker. I reported a bug a couple of weeks ago and it hasn't even been looked at.
  24. Reported this bug six days ago but it hasn't been assigned. How long does it generally take to get picked up on bug tracker?
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