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  1. Hello ! I have Kerbal Konstrukt installed, and Kerbin Side Remasterd installed but none of these mods works. I read somewhere that Kerbal Konstrukts needs other mods to work like Kerbin Side. Is it true ? Is Kerbin Side Remastered not good for this mod ? Is there something else I'm missing to make it working ? Thanks in advance for the help !
  2. @theJesuit Thanks for the welcome New to the forum indeed but not on KSP ^^ I'm going to try the Google file thank you, because I had the mod from the first pag, but the glass dome didn't appear in my game. I'll keep you updated. EDIT : it works just fines, thanks a lot ! I'm looking forward for the next updates ! Looks very promising !
  3. Hello Does anyone of you achieve to make the mod working with 1.7 ?
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