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  1. What things do you think are the most kerbalike? I’ll start the thread by listing some things. ( Please try to number them off, continuing on other people’s posts ) 1: Jumping off the VAB. 2: Jumping off the VAB, crushing another Kerbal. 3: Shooting missiles at the VAB. 4: Going to the Mun only using flea boosters. 5: Shooting kerbals at each other. 6: Shooting kerbals at anything. 7: Use a jet engine to make a kerbal hover. 8: Kamakazi the KSC ( kerbals love the K )
  2. Ok, I really didn’t know what it was, now I do, and it looks like a very kerbal thing to do.
  3. I’m gonna make a little car, with the biggest engine in the game as turbo. ( Imagine a rover with a Mammoth on the back )
  4. I’m hoping for waaaaay better landscape. The only interesting thing on Kerbin is the KSC, I want there to be cities and stuff, so I can crash my space shuttle in interesting environments, not just grass.
  5. I usually put my Science JR above my heat shield, when the science junior explodes it knocks my heat shield off, destroying my craft. I’ve found that putting radiator panels on it really helps.
  6. Basically, you attach a lot of boosters on decouplers to the side of the main rocket. When you are high enough, decouple everything and send missiles flying in every direction. Very stupid, especially in career as it is a money dump and danger to your buildings. ( somehow though none of my buildings have been destroyed by this ) But maybe someone could make it useful...
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