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  1. Hey @Starhawk, thanks for taking the time to help me out. I've updated my post and specified the license, i also noticed that my Gitlab link was broken so i fixed that too. The download file should also contain the license now. Greetings Tom
  2. 4kSP 0.1 While most UI elements are scalable by default, the Map icons and ther labels (the orbit apoapsis for example) are not, that makes the game almost unplayable at high resolutions. This Mod scales those things using the stock UI Scale setting. Comparison Image (at 4k resolution): This add on is still in early development so some things might appear offset or incorrectly scaled. It’s also my first add on for KSP, so please feel free to leave feedback so i can improve it. Downloads CKAN Spacedock Gitlab FAQ Q: How do i activate this mod? A: 4kSP scales the map elements corresponding to the stock UI scale setting. The UI scale slider can be found under Settings > General > UI-Scale. License & Source This add on is available under the MIT License and the source code is available on Gitlab.
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