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  1. okay, thanks @Shadowmage and @Manwith Noname for your answers. At this time, i'm not to have understood all of thing you said above, i'll take time to read and process those things. With covid-19 containment, i think i'll have sooo many time !!
  2. @Shadowmage, is your new add on TU with TUPartVariant module work the same way as the code above? What's the significant difference between TUPartVariant and B9+TUTextureSwitch ? TUPartVariant is working fine with parts using B9? I'll try to understand all of this small world !
  3. Oh f***, that's what i'm afraid! thanks for your answer !
  4. AH ! You said uninstall it then .... reinstall it, or uninstall and don't using restock?!
  5. Hi there! @Manwith Noname i try to add a texture set to a stock part (the cupola) with TURD. But at the beginning i encounter issue. I've Restock installed, and the cupola (like many other parts affected by Restock) have no TU switching module in the VAB.. I try to found a solution on this thread but ... nothing. Have you a solution?!
  6. Hi! I don't want to release anything. For now, i just learn some modding mechanics. i'm interesting the way how mods are made. Later ... maybe ... if i've mod idea, i'll use this knowledge. I know the huge work you've done withe the stock config! it's well organize, and know i understand how TU, MM and KSP config work, it's easy to use! That's all ;D
  7. @Shadowmage thanks for your complete answer! it is really helpfull !! For now i test on stock part even if Manwith Noname already done this stuff. I wasn't understand what was missing in my config file, now, i know it !!! Thanks again! Can't wait for TUFX testing !!
  8. Hi all! First, thanks for this mod, it's so coool! Then, after testing some recoloring / switching config, i'd like to explore this mod by creating my own config for my personnal usage. I've got a problem, in game, i've the switching gui, then the recoloring box when the texture set is recolorable but when i switch / recolor my part, there is no effect, the material still the same.. i've no error in my KSP.log, the mod is fine loaded so ... i need the community help ! Here is the config i created, i use only this mod (except TU and MM), i'm on KSP 1.7.3 and i try to setup tu
  9. Thanks @GoldForest and @KerbalKore for your answers ! Well i don't know too how those parts appeared ... I download the latest version for 1.7.3 and i just put the folder in the gamedata folder.
  10. Hi All! I've just install BDD for 1.7.3 and i've a question. I've the feeling my prometheus parts have a weird looking.. See the imgur link. https://imgur.com/a/BD43ubI I precise i've only BDD installed in my gamedata. I join my KSP log if necessary. Log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/q57pewpp57gg4ad/KSP.log?dl=0 Thanks for helping !
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