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  1. How do I load in a prefab into KSP? My prefab(s) are smoke particle effects that I would like to instantiate in code, and they are created in the Unity Editor. How do I export them into a format KSP recognizes and load them via code?
  2. Currently mod is in early-alpha, so changes can occur frequently that are not backwards-compatible. Parts: AH-3000 Anti-hydrogen Propulsion System: An antimatter propulsion system as the name suggests. Ridiculously powerful, but ridiculously risky. Anti-Tank System Antihydrogen Tank: An antimatter tank to pair with the part above. Stores anti-hydrogen which explodes when tank is not powered or unable to cope with the acceleration. Upon explosion creates very lethal shrapnel. Ridiculously expensive. NX(n)-1.875m Intermediate Size Fuel Tank: A series of fuel tanks that are equivalent to the FT-(n)00 tanks but 1.875m bulk size instead. Fragile. HYDROX Water containment device: A somewhat useless part, entirely for thermoregulation using water. S-1x1 Glass Panel: A simple transparent glass panel. Nothing much to say. Modifiers: All tanks containing LiquidFuel, Oxidizer or Monopropellant now has the LiquidTank module, simulating tank pressure and internals. Enables tweakscale for all parts for the Tweakscale Continued mod. Disable if you think it's too hacky. Plugins: Antimatter Tank module: (Explained in Parts, point 2) LiquidTank module (Explained in Modifiers, point 1) Shrapnel Generator: Generates shrapnel flying out in all directions. Warning Display: Displays if something (in this plugin) on your ship is about to go wrong. ConfigInfo: Runtime configurations and behind-the-scenes stuff. Dependencies: Module Manager KSP 1.8.1+ (1.8.1 works best since I am developping in 1.8.1) Optional Extras: TweakScale Known Incompatibilities: Procedural Parts: Due to indeterminate tank contents until launch (I could fix that, but that'll break a lot of things as well.) Hopefully that explains most of it.
  3. How long does it take on average for mods to be added to CKAN btw, because it's been a good week or two and I still don't see it listed. So just wondering if that's normal Makes sense why it'd take a while to sort out though.
  4. I would like to change my username to LudicrousFun? (As people are more commonly referring to me as such now.)
  5. Thanks for those encouraging words there! Unrelated to these posts, how do I change my username to LudicrousFun? (as people more commonly refer to me as such now)
  6. I know that some of the part models look... for the lack of a better word: atrocious. That's because I'm a dum-dum and don't know how to model parts well. [please spare me the pitchforks for those complaints]
  7. Here is the spacedock link for anyone wanting to try it out: https://spacedock.info/mod/3108/LudicrousParts The source code: https://github.com/HyperFunOriginal/LudicrousPartsMod Not much else to say other than, enjoy!
  8. This mod is officially declared deceased... I'm working on a much better mod currently named: End Of Time
  9. Yes, but development might be slowed to late-January 2021
  10. Here's the error I got inside the KSP.log: [EXC 15:16:51.022] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPointRequest (.Part part, .Callback`1 requestCallback) RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPoint (.Part part, .Callback`1 deliveryCallback, .Callback`1 requestCallback) RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPoint (.Part part) UIPartActionWindow.CanActivateFuelFlowOverlay (.Part p) UIPartActionWindow.CreatePartList (Boolean clearFirst) UIPartActionWindow.UpdateWindow () UIPartActionController.UpdateActiveWindows () UIPartActionController.UpdateEditor () UIPartActionController.Update ()
  11. I keep on getting errors using Flare Exporter on Kopernicus and I can't fix it, I've already tried changing unity versions among other things but to no avail. If anyone has a clue, then any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Oh okay thanks! Right now, I'm making my own models and textures.
  13. Oh okay thanks. I have models from squad as a placeholder for now. I won't release it yet. I don't know how to even program in C# so I'm just doing content Licensing seems to be a can of worms for this but I'll publish this once I ensure that I am the author for all the parts! (I think the only real issue is the use of models from Squad...)
  14. Nevermind, I'll remove the mod first and re-release it properly once I sort out the madness
  15. All the files by other authors and Squad will eventually be replaced by my own models (that's the plan)
  16. Oh okay, I'll replace those files as soon as I can. Thanks for the advice!
  17. I now have a discord server for chatting about KSP: https://discord.gg/4SatRwr
  18. I am now working on a galaxy! please be patient while I work on it. Thanks!
  19. Can you provide me with a template C# file? I am a complete newbie to C#. Thank you. (REDACTED DATA...)
  20. This is my first mod so help would be much appreciated.
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