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  1. Hello i got something special Update 0.5 alpha is out! Thats right, this mod is still alive Here is the new things Removed Naal and Raetorga Improved normals for all planets Added Moranium, a moon that orbits Icebin
  2. Sadly, you can't. Its better than no updates tho I believe this is from kopernicus, if its a bug on my side i don't really know how to fix it so.. yeah
  3. 1. Instaling this mod is as simple as instaling any other mods 2. The lakes are made of methane btw Alpha 0.4 is out!
  4. The sole moon of Michore, Raetorga is a captured titan like moon orbiting retrograde realtive to Michore's rotation This moon and Michore will come in 0.4 after i sort all of the bugs
  5. Michore (the planet above), a gas dwarf orbiting Forever and its moon will come in 0.4
  6. extract it, like your normal zip/rar file, then put the ES folder INSIDE the new gamdate out to the original one
  7. The newest version can't be dowloaded with spacedock. To dowload with github click the link here and click the file.
  8. . (nevermind, fixed that issue using github)
  9. it isn't perfect but long story short the kerbals dosn't start in the world that they currently inhabit. They used to have a few colonies in other worlds before they nuked they're homeworld into dust (hint hint, its the icy planet). The kerbals that are in the world that they currently inhabit rebuild civilization and ready to explore the stars... again
  10. The 2 new worlds that will come in 0.3 Aeoa, a habitable tidally locked world with one side being covered in ice Naal, a watery planet with black algea
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