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  1. Granted: But you always forget the parachutes (aka your lander goes boom at landing) I wish to get corrupted text
  2. Bruh, there is 2 lights, thats because of the kerbol/sun intesity curve and the other never ending. So create a mm patch to make it not infinty Exaple mm patch to make the intesity curve not infity
  3. @Weak Playerif you have a discord server, pls link the server in your signature so more member can join it :)

  4. you know that server tho
  5. bye forever(?), i have a server to deal with
  6. bruh noone has answered
  7. did smush dm you or he just saied in kop server that he will be in spur? @Weak Player
  8. Whats Deepwater gate?, it dosnt have a soi so it should be a space station but then why is in in the delta v map, or it does have one but is soo tiny/gravity soo low that it takles lower that 1 m/s of delta v to land and go to "orbit"
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