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  1. Making gas giants is easy sure, but deleting things are one of the eastest thing you can do, no need to make a whole plugin for it
  2. Granted, but your wages will be cut in haft I wish i have a wish idea
  3. I will send a drone to capture you and the cookie, then i will grab it my cookie
  4. 2427: A room with non euclidean geometry. It took you around a hour to figure out where the stair is to the next flour
  5. Just need to config it
  6. Retol in maptoglobe Seams will be fixed
  7. How about binaries, do they count as 2 planet or only a planet and a moon?
  8. A PR nightmare: lose 1000 rep (if that even exist)/K.I.A a kerbal Grand oh no: K.I.A 100 kerbals
  9. Granted, all of your Reinforcements are ants I wish for a orion drive
  10. the post is for me to not forget the plan, just made the gas giant texture too
  11. Retol - 1000 km gas dwarf orbiting Blubon at around Duna's orbit Oloa - 250 km Duna like moon but its colored minty blue from rusted copper Gul - 19 km marron astroid Ideas for my submission
  12. But it costs around 10^999^999^999^999 dollars I wish that i dont wish but i do but i dont but i do
  13. Hey, SPUR kinda died, do you (weak player) want to continew the mod?
  14. Granted, but most of the mods are bad I wish Tylo has a atmosphere thick enogh so i can aerobrake at it
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