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  1. On PS4 the dpad does rotation of selected part. Left/right, up/down, L1+left/L1+right rotate on the 3 axis. Half the fun is seeing if you can guess which buttons you need to use to rotate in the direction you want before exhausting all possibilities. Chances are you won't.
  2. We should be getting that on Thursday... From -> https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/189807-the-breaking-ground-expansion-is-coming-to-consoles/ #excited
  3. I'd hazard a guess at centre of mass and centre of thrust. Both change drastically without the boosters
  4. How high are you going? Staging the parachute won't (necessarily) make it fully deploy. Parachute will only fully deploy at the altitude its set to (defaults to 1000m). Staging at top of flight you will be going slow enough but from that point onwards you are accelerating back to the surface. If you've picked up too much speed on your fall then you will be travelling too fast for the parachute to deploy when you hit the altitude set on the parachute. This typically happens if you fall prograde (pointy end first). Not enough air resistance from pointy end to slow you down and you keep accelerating. You ideally want to fall retrograde so that flat surfaces stop you accelerating at a point. You may also want to adjust the power of the booster (and the amount of fuel) so you don't go too fast to start with.
  5. You can adjust the thrust and amount of fuel in solid rocket boosters which will both have an effect on how long the solid rocket boosters will fire for, so you could tune solid rocket boosters to always run out of fuel first. I've no idea what button to use on PC, but you can bring up the info dialog for the decouplers from the staging (I put cursor over decoupler stage and press square on PS4), and the info dialog has a decouple button which you can use to decouple it outside of the order of the staging. You don't necessarily have to move them around in staging. You can do that with anything in the staging (fairings, parachutes, etc.). While above is good for single item, if you require two or more things done at exactly the same time then you need to look at action groups as mentioned.
  6. Could probably put wheels on it and drive it into the water.
  7. I'm fairly (kinda, sorta) sure this is fixed by deleting Kerbal's Common Data file found in saved game data management in PS4's settings.
  8. Are you saying you are unable to cycle through the directions of the maneuver node with LB? (assuming same controls as PS4) The direction defaults to prograde and retrograde (yellow) but you should be able to cycle through the directions with LB and you want to use normal and antinormal (purple) to change your inclination. Edit :- I think it might be RB, not LB. I think LB switches the function of the node (move along orbit, directions of maneuver, delete node) and RB cycles through directions when on that function. I get them mixed up while playing so it's no surprise I can't remember which is which 5 minutes after playing.
  9. I get this issue going from VAB to launch but I've discovered a way to stop it happening. I always save my ship before I launch. That save takes a certain amount of time (you see "Saving..." in the top right corner while it's happening) to complete. Now, if you launch while that "Saving..." info is in the top right corner it's as though the game can't save the current craft into it's auto-save slot (which it appears to try to do on every launch) so it ends up launching the craft that was previously in the auto-save slot. If I wait for my manual "Saving..." to finish (i.e. "Saving..." disappears) before launching then I always get the new craft at the launch pad and not the previous one.