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  1. Does anybody else get crashes when resizing stackable extendatrons that are in a stack? Especially when going down in size.
  2. Which one? The HyperEdit mod I did? I expect certainly for RSS, perhaps not for Principia.
  3. Thanks. For seeing the system at many time points that would have been way too tedious so I just modded hyperedit instead: Turns out that Plock gets really close to Neidon in the year 23251. Lining all the planets up only happens on the order of thousands of years. They start out with a really good alignment actually and it takes over a hundred years to get back to something resembling that, excluding Plock.
  4. I'd like to be able to fast-forward/rewind time and see where the planets are for lining up a multi-outer-planet non-flyby probe mission, preferably returning to Kerbin at the end. I guess this is sort of Voyager 2 style but I plan to carry enough delta V to go into elliptical orbit around each planet instead of just flying by (trying to align the ellipse to make the most of the Oberth effect when jumping to the next planet). I could do this with an empty sandbox save but wouldn't be able to rewind if I went forward too far. I've seen the universe sandbox threads but those say it's an unstable system (although I'm not sure if that's only for the moons or also for the planets).
  5. I'm having this problem with [x] Science (which is really great for consolidating all relevant experiments in a single window!). What does the bolded part of the quote mean? I.e. how do I do that? I'm using a lot of mods but have no experience whatsoever at creating/editing them.