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  1. Im currently building a large vessel to venture around the solar system.. I pre build in the hanger. Then delete all part exept the thing I wanna orbit.! I'm trying to send the first part. BUT I can't delete this part. It's the same as the one i the opposite side.. that deletes fine.. AND I tried reloading the vessel and delete this part first.. it deletes fine but the other one then wont!!!! (the entire part that are partially marked with red) The trash sound comes.. but it's still there.. and at some point I couldn't even deselect it.. Second problem.. after attaching the part I wanna orbit to my rocket it says this.. I have the base game from steam... 2 weeks old... no dlc's.. no mods..! I'm looking at a maybe 2100 part vessel here.. would be quite a hassel to rebuild it. If I can't reuse som prebuild parts!!
  2. will their be an option to use more than 1 decoupler pr part? to in crease stability without struts! Will their be an option to set 2 targets on the same vessel using 2 docking ports? to create more complex vessels in orbit! Will their be an option to control 2 (or more) vessels in the atmosphere. so Ex. 2 escape pods enter the atmosphere at the same time. you will be able save them both? as it is now. the 1 (or more) uncontrolled will crash. even though it's parachute are set to deploy automatic. And a nice to have suggestion. Add a small timer that can be set as global hud. So you can do other things while taking on a spaceflight. and then have that set timer. to know when to go back and take control of the flight. Just started playing ksp a week ago.. and think it 1 of the best games ever.! So have high hopes
  3. A danish I guess.. I think it goes as QWERTY.. but tried to change to the german. but that messed up a hole bit. to changed back to UK. However. have change the vessel shift to page up and down. they react ingame. However still seeking a solution to original problem.
  4. I'm around 30 meters away.. And that don't explain why I can't press [ and ] in the menu settings. As you see it works fine here.
  5. I was getting some help trying to dock some vessels. When I was told I should use [ and ] to change vessel control. Nothing happened... and in setting when remapping them they came in as alpha 8 and 9.. So I said well love that I remap them to 8 and 9... minor issue no big deal.. Then ingame 8 and 9 still don't do anything!!! I mean what... And I can change vessel in the map view because they are so close together can choose one over another! Edit: Steam - Win 10 All standard settings. exept that twaekables are activated!