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  1. 9 months ago this issue was confirmed. 8 months ago this issue was 10% completed. It still is. Dear mods/devs, are you able to provide some insight regard this issue?
  2. I also seem to remember they used to work. I was building a carrier with azimuth pods. It died before it was truly alive :(
  3. I hope it stays this way.
  4. I don't know wether this is a bug or a feature, and many of you might already know this but i have never seen it before on the forum or google. But it turns out you can actually control tourists if you put them in a control seat first (in the VAB/SPH). I seem to remember that was not possible?
  5. This might be an old thread but it still is an annoying problem
  6. Dear Kerbonauts, since 1.8 i have been experiencing crashes when i EVA on a other body's surface. This usually happens within 15 mins. Sometime within 2 minutes. The only mod i am running is Kerbalkatz' CraftHistory. I had installed EnviromentalVisualEnhancements. This was not updated yet so i removed it. I have just verified local files. Steam re-aquired 2 files. This did not solve the problem. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Kind regards, PS: Specs: KSP Mod: Kerbalkatz' CraftHistory windows 10 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 260
  7. Well, @5thHorseman, thank you as well I am curious, why is that suggestion ''not fixed''. Devs forgot to update?
  8. Dear @SpaceTiger, I would like to inform you that i think your update messed with my save file. It seemed to no longer show most of my kerbals in the astronaut complex. I had 4 active Kerbals, no lost, no killed. I had plenty of active Kerbals. When i selected a rover of which i knew it had some kerbals, the following happened: Note: The Kerbal is ''unnamed'', I do not see any resources, The rover appears to be underground, i cannot rotate the camera, i cannot control the rover. Before your update i could not open the VAB or SPH at all so i deleted craft history altogether. A
  9. Dear Squad, I would just like to thank you for the ''warp to next maneuver'' button . Thanks! Kind regards,
  10. be quiet and take my love! (auto-edited Futurama reference) Serious: awesome design!
  11. @T1mo98 That would be unfortunate. I suspect it aswel though. 'Cause why wouldn't they do it otherwise? Could someone confirm this?
  12. @Red Iron Crown. i know. But unfortunately it does not stop time warp instantly. It winds down. This has caused quite a few dead kerbals for me. And also the altitude dependent time warp limit is buggy. I have had a couple of instances where time warp only stopped at an altitude of , say, 30Km. That is way within Kerbins atmosphere. I could just watch everything blow up at real time.
  13. This could be true automated feedback as opposed to ''dumb'' sequencing, am i right? Good idea
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