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  1. Dear Kerbonauts, I seem to have trouble with robotics. I get by, and the parts are great but i would like to find a way to use a single button (non axis) as an on-off-switch for rotors. I would like the off-state to be locked. The action group options for rotors are somewhat confusing. I find it weird there is no simple ''on-off'' option. Locking an engine and then using a button to enable motor drive or motor power and unlocking the engine does not work. I think because you cannot set the rotor as braked before launch. So you will simultaneously brake and start the rotor. Braking ≠ locking You can toggle locked state with a button but: -One cannot lock a moving rotor. And, -One cannot start a locked motor. You can turn the motor power off with a single button but: -then rotors continue to idly turn until friction stops them. You can toggle brakes with a single button but: -One cannot toggle max-min values of RPM or Torque with a button (i know, you can momentarily cycle between those values with an axis control). in other words, this is no way to start the engine. The best way i figured out is; somehow increase torque limit for a rotor and then use a brake toggle input as an on-off toggle. I have used main throttle input as an RPM or torque limiter. This works. And to my knowledge, this is the only axis control that has some kind of ''memory''. But in complex crafts i may need to reserve the throttle controls for other systems. Is there a way to increase torque limit in the VAB or SPH (other than axis contols)? It is my understanding that you can only set the max torque limit in the VAB or SPH (engine size). Is that correct? Do i make sense? Do you have any other thoughts or ideas? Kind regards,
  2. @The AzizYeah.. too bad.. did not really help me. Lost another 2 kerbals because the game did not recognize the atmosphere fast enough @IncongruousGoat 7: Why would that be unrealistic? who's to say what the proper friction should be? That which works is proper, right? And yes, different frictions would be nice. Also, thanks. And lol at playing KSP with 1 fps...seems very frustrating :p
  3. Perhaps i missed a page in this thread but i believe the following definitively rules out n-body physics.
  4. nice and it looks like KSP2 really is coming
  5. @ZooNamedGames, thanks for you reaction. Very thorough. I am aware of a lot of mods but i was trying to point out welcome additions, as you put it, in my opinion. -So you say tapping , is faster than cancelling timewarp? Gotta try that ASAP. -Also, yes focusing on maneuvre nodes is helpful but what i miss is control before placing nodes and general easy of clicking on the right thing in map mode. -You said: ''Note: this option is not available if you spawn the vessel, leave it'' excactly. -''I've never written novels in the vessel description'' lol seems like fun @The Aziz & @ZooNamedGamesI cant seem to focus on a node by double clicking or using [ or ]. Tab works though, of course. @fulgur Shift- Tab does not. Shift = throttle so makes me burn and Shift-Tab = steam overlay.
  6. Robdjee


    I thought it was but then i realise most people call it differently.
  7. Dear Kerbonauts, I have two questions regarding KSP 2. 1: Will KSP 2 be accompanied by an entirely new forum or will this forum be expanded? 2: Will KSP 2 be backwards compatible and accept KSP 1 craft files (i know...wishful thinking)? Kind regards,
  8. Robdjee


    Dear Kerbonauts, I am just curious. How do you call the in game currency? I simply refer to it as Funds. Kind regards,
  9. Dear Kerbonauts, Squad Staff, As of now i've been a huge fan for 6 years and i nearly have 1500 hours on record. I love how far KSP has grown over the years but now, with KSP 2 coming, i'd like to have my voice heard. In my opinion the are some changes that could be made to make KSP feel better. I have read the rules and looked into the most asked questions but i have not been active at the forum for long. So, forgive me if some things have been discussed at length before. Most of these are quality of life improvements, in my opinion. Allow me to share my suggestions: 1 Folders for contracts: I like to kill multiple birds with one stone. My missions therefore handle multiple contracts at once. Not being able to change the order in which contracts are displayed can be very confusing and inefficient. Grouping them in folders with custom names would definitely make specific missions easier to plan and execute. 2 Instant timewarp change: I have missed plenty of burns and unintentionally lithobraked into several celestial bodies because the timewarp factor does not change instantly. It gradually changes when use the key inputs. I don't know wether this is physically impossible but i would love more control using timewarp. 3 Momentary option in action groups: Action groups are great. An option to make an action key momentary (i.e. Hold vs Toggle) would be greater. The new axis controls partly implement this. But having this option, in addition to incremental and absolute mode, would help increase control options. 4 option to adjust min-0-max values: Currently you can adjust min and max values on control surfaces. I would like this to be available on all axis controls. Also, if you could set the neutral value, this would save a lot of time rotating control surfaces and what not. In some complicated builds that is impossible to do with any precision as of now. 5 panning map camera: Perhaps this is huge feature to implement but i struggle getting good feedback in the map screen. Especially when i am editing maneuver nodes in a distant system. Being ably to simply pan the map screen, as opposed to rotating it around fidgety focused objects, would make life a lot easier i think. I think a keyboard key would be the way to go so you can use the mouse more precisely (and not click on the wrong things and get all kinds of yellow information you don't want). 6 Panning editor camera: This is in the same vain as the point above. You can currently pan the camera in the editor view. But the range and direction is limited and reacts differently in both editors. I think a keyboard input would be the way to go as well. This might make using the mouse more precise. 7 Give Minmus some friction: This would apply to all celestial bodies more or less. I suppose it also has to to with the amount of gravity. I think this would also be more than a simple tweak. The reason i bring this up anyway: i once spent 20 minutes watching Jeb slide down a gentle slope on Minmus. His top speed was about 1m/s if i recall correctly. Just enough to not be able to do anything. All i could do was watch his limp body gently slide miles away. 8: Not make Kerbals ragdoll (too easily and long) when they stumble: See the point above. I would like some way to react to stumbles. Perhaps using the EVA jet-pack. 9 VAB & SPH Button in Esc menu: Sure you can revert to editor in sandbox games. That's great. But i would like similar options in career mode as well. This would also eliminate an unnecessary loading screen. 10 Option to remove launchclamps (and other parts) from staging: This is already possible for decouplers and fairings. Why not include launchclamps to this list? This would help prototyping moving machines and things like helicopters. In fact, why stop at launchclamps? Could this be a standard feature for any part? 11 Use EVA jet-pack while on ladders: To me this is a minor point and more of a feature then quality of life improvement but i would love this option. I recently saw . It blew me away. But it pained me to see him nudge everything together with an EVA jet pack. Also think of the contingency options if all you have left is a Kerbal and his EVA jet-pack fuel. 12 Fix scroll bug in vessel description: It is simply annoying that you cannot scroll your vessel description page in the editor without it glitching out. (Perhaps it is just me who has this problem?) Thank you for hearing me out. Kinds regards,
  10. Very yes! on most things. Especially points 5 & 6! I think that would be a great we to drastically improve immersion. Especially in the beginning of the flight.