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  1. 9 months ago this issue was confirmed. 8 months ago this issue was 10% completed. It still is. Dear mods/devs, are you able to provide some insight regard this issue?
  2. I also seem to remember they used to work. I was building a carrier with azimuth pods. It died before it was truly alive :(
  3. I hope it stays this way.
  4. I don't know wether this is a bug or a feature, and many of you might already know this but i have never seen it before on the forum or google. But it turns out you can actually control tourists if you put them in a control seat first (in the VAB/SPH). I seem to remember that was not possible?
  5. This might be an old thread but it still is an annoying problem
  6. Dear Kerbonauts, since 1.8 i have been experiencing crashes when i EVA on a other body's surface. This usually happens within 15 mins. Sometime within 2 minutes. The only mod i am running is Kerbalkatz' CraftHistory. I had installed EnviromentalVisualEnhancements. This was not updated yet so i removed it. I have just verified local files. Steam re-aquired 2 files. This did not solve the problem. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Kind regards, PS: Specs: KSP Mod: Kerbalkatz' CraftHistory windows 10 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 260
  7. Well, @5thHorseman, thank you as well I am curious, why is that suggestion ''not fixed''. Devs forgot to update?
  8. Dear @SpaceTiger, I would like to inform you that i think your update messed with my save file. It seemed to no longer show most of my kerbals in the astronaut complex. I had 4 active Kerbals, no lost, no killed. I had plenty of active Kerbals. When i selected a rover of which i knew it had some kerbals, the following happened: Note: The Kerbal is ''unnamed'', I do not see any resources, The rover appears to be underground, i cannot rotate the camera, i cannot control the rover. Before your update i could not open the VAB or SPH at all so i deleted craft history altogether. A
  9. Dear Squad, I would just like to thank you for the ''warp to next maneuver'' button . Thanks! Kind regards,
  10. be quiet and take my love! (auto-edited Futurama reference) Serious: awesome design!
  11. @T1mo98 That would be unfortunate. I suspect it aswel though. 'Cause why wouldn't they do it otherwise? Could someone confirm this?
  12. @Red Iron Crown. i know. But unfortunately it does not stop time warp instantly. It winds down. This has caused quite a few dead kerbals for me. And also the altitude dependent time warp limit is buggy. I have had a couple of instances where time warp only stopped at an altitude of , say, 30Km. That is way within Kerbins atmosphere. I could just watch everything blow up at real time.
  13. This could be true automated feedback as opposed to ''dumb'' sequencing, am i right? Good idea
  14. @AHHans, thanks for your suggestion. This might work. Too bad it is still rpetty complicated abd without guarantees. There is no way to max or turn off RPM or Torque with a single key is there?
  15. Dear Kerbonauts, I seem to have trouble with robotics. I get by, and the parts are great but i would like to find a way to use a single button (non axis) as an on-off-switch for rotors. I would like the off-state to be locked. The action group options for rotors are somewhat confusing. I find it weird there is no simple ''on-off'' option. Locking an engine and then using a button to enable motor drive or motor power and unlocking the engine does not work. I think because you cannot set the rotor as braked before launch. So you will simultaneously brake and start the rotor. Brak
  16. @The AzizYeah.. too bad.. did not really help me. Lost another 2 kerbals because the game did not recognize the atmosphere fast enough @IncongruousGoat 7: Why would that be unrealistic? who's to say what the proper friction should be? That which works is proper, right? And yes, different frictions would be nice. Also, thanks. And lol at playing KSP with 1 fps...seems very frustrating :p
  17. Perhaps i missed a page in this thread but i believe the following definitively rules out n-body physics.
  18. nice and it looks like KSP2 really is coming
  19. @ZooNamedGames, thanks for you reaction. Very thorough. I am aware of a lot of mods but i was trying to point out welcome additions, as you put it, in my opinion. -So you say tapping , is faster than cancelling timewarp? Gotta try that ASAP. -Also, yes focusing on maneuvre nodes is helpful but what i miss is control before placing nodes and general easy of clicking on the right thing in map mode. -You said: ''Note: this option is not available if you spawn the vessel, leave it'' excactly. -''I've never written novels in the vessel description'' lol seems like fun @The Aziz &
  20. I thought it was but then i realise most people call it differently.
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