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  1. I too love this mod and have been fiddling with it the last few weeks on my new 1.12.0 save so hopefully this helps you too. I was having no joy with this and the ground/global construction mod. My problem was with the 000_AT_Utils folder. Somehow I borked the install downloading things while at the same time copying some mods directly from my 1.11.1 save and was missing 3 .dlls in the plugin folder: 001_AnisotropicPartResizer, 002_Multianimaters and ConfigurableContainers. Up until then the parts loaded but I didn't have the hanger UI buttons and the doors couldn't be closed or loaded with any ships or containers for any hanger. Point is, copied those dlls from my 1.11 save booted up and the good times are back judging from two quick tests on the surface with the rover lander. Further tests will follow but it seems to be working fine so far so double check your install.
  2. Yep I was dreading that response..so many mods to reinstall. Ah well sounds like I know what I'm doing this weekend. Need to move to 1.11.1 anyway. Thank you though
  3. Hi, did you ever track down the issue you were having. I'm on 1.11.0 and I am having the same problem only I'm using OPM, Extrasolar and the Vulture system instead. Thought if you did figure it out, it might give me some insight on what to look at(for). Tried reinstall of TSE to no avail.
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