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  1. Error **FATAL**: Code: DC-10 Vessel cargo door not standing and falling off{MODULE} } Error **FATAL** Calculating dV caused invalid operation and made RAM memory usage go to 10000% OPERATION_INVALID_FATAL{MODULE} }
  2. Error 587: Vessel couldn´t launch due to CoM behind Main Landing Gear
  3. Then there is a problem, while in expansion loadout first goes Making History, then Breaking Ground. If the game crash on Breaking Ground the Making History would have been loaded, but there is no expansion module. Looks like you have missing files, if you are on Steam do a file validation.
  4. Looks like there was a problem in the load, the last module on load was ElectionLabel from VanguardTechnologies. If im am correct that was the last part before the expansions, but then the log says that the mod QuickExit was executed, and i see no expansion part loadout, Serenity is Breaking Ground expansion, do you have Making History?
  5. Well, im having trouble with your log file. Dropbox says that the file doesn´t exists, try OneDrive or Google Drive. I can´t say more without a log.
  6. What are your PC specs? Can you describe the problem?
  7. Es ´´Re-Enraízar´´ De ´´Raíz´´
  8. Banned for having a spining kerbal on profile image
  9. Right, it worked, so i can reproduce the display issue!! Here is the image
  10. What?! Thats impossible!, Patch Manager is installed from CKAN and CKAN said that it doesnt had dependencies! Well, this happends in the Size 2 passenger cabin and the Commercial cockpit, Tail connectors, even with the auxiliary power engine! But these parts hasnt 2 profiles, its kinda a displaying issue. Maybe the mod All Tweak adds support for Airplane Plus, i just installed it but i cant play now due to exams tomorrow in school. But after school i will check it out.