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  1. Sadly yes. TUBM hates Microsoft Edge
  2. False! The user below me has a Steam account.
  3. The thing shown in the loading bar tells me the issue, in the log, the last line is about loading that part, no errors and warnings in the last lines.
  4. Well, the fix didnt worked for me, looks like its a problem in the props only, my game crash when loading the prop ´´HUD 4´´
  5. Is there a fix for that? This mod is amazing but i simly cant get KSP started with this mod.
  6. I agree that the mod is being discontinued for the problems, especially this one: A workaround was deleting all MiniAVC, and actually that mod gave me a LOT of lag during the start of KSP and also the pop- ups.
  7. Rendezvous, idk when excactly to execute one, how to match orbits and speed, the docking part is way easy for me.
  8. @Vanamonde This question should be in modded installs, not unmodded.
  9. Alright, i tried this to be official, but sadly a Rtg overheated and an airbrake, in the final moment it ran out of gas, for two seconds i passed the limit altitude, I had to do an emergency landing close to the KSC due to the lack of gas, landed smoothly, then the kraken made it drift and crash. Well, im submitting this as unofficial, Imgur album
  10. Well, still we need the mod list to help, the verifiying expansion message tells that there is some broken dll, You have MM ? If yes, it will tell you about a broken dll of a especific mod.
  11. Well I may try removing KerbalKonstrucs Tundra space center, (just the ones that i dont really need) You recommend removing much mods at the same time or separetly?
  12. Maybe i will try 2 entries: A Mk1 and a Mk3 As long as i would be able to launch KSP due to an issue
  13. Hmm, I googled the TLA_DEBUG_STACK_LEAK and I found some issue from the current Unity engine, so, it is no longer a problem from KSP, though removing MiniAVCs helped a little bit, still it is not the huge solution, i guess when a new Unity version fixes the problem, it should be implemented later on 1.9 or even 1.8 if it is not very close.
  14. If Hazard-ish was still alive, he should won.
  15. A mod list is the names of all your mods, if you are on steam, the file validation is simple: Right click KSP on steam, select properties, select local files, do a file validation. Also, Did you asked this twice?