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  1. Optimal / viable as in the least launches to max the tech tree outside of gross minmus biome hoppers.
  2. Again, you are not understanding several things here.
  3. Stations and bases are totally viable in career mode in KSP1, and in fact are the optimal way to beat the tech tree.
  4. I think you are misunderstanding the devs here, the idea is that in million(s) of years they crash into each other, not in gameplay.
  5. I think squad is currently working on KSP 2 now, or at least some of the physics programming from my understanding.
  6. In a truly unrestricted server free to explore the logical consequences of gameplay, everyone will be developing second strike capability to prevent themselves being smoked from offworld. Kinda fun to think about.
  7. There are so many types of exoplanets that there is no way that all of them will be in the game. There is a lot of room to explore!
  8. Yeah, its the best way to beat career mode on the hard difficulty imo. You can do it reliably at tech level 6, before that is a big challenge. The payoff is insane though, once you get a reliable re-usable rocket you are drowning in cash. One thing to note though is if you want it to work without mods you need to build you rocket + payload as an SSTO.
  9. Its pretty much confirmed that there will be explosion mechanics and nuclear bomb engines. It takes little imagination to see that being weaponized in MP.
  10. I kinda just want a consistent world hosted by the power players where noobs can jump in and play a couple hours a week and trade with the big fish that are colonizing the local star cluster. Like a shared SP save where we don't have to all be online together but still interact. Chill, hands off, community / friend driven.
  11. It has been confirmed that there will be no magical technology involved in the game, including warp drives.
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there is a zero percent change the game will have randomly generated star systems.
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