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  1. I think this is a problem with scatterer (not fact). I get a similar bug (it happens sometimes). Moving to "space center" and back helps fix this. do you have the latest version of scatterer?
  2. Staircase problem was not fixed! But why?!
  3. Comparison of Kerbin atmosphere in "Spectra 1.4.0" and "AVP 4.05" (scatterer 0.0610): In "AVP" atmosphere is more washed out at high altitude. But it has clear boundaries at low altitudes. In "Spectra" atmosphere is more washed out at lower altitudes. But it has sharper boundaries at high altitudes. Question. Is it possible to make the border of atmosphere more blurred at high altitude as in "AVP"? Problem is most likely in outdated "EVE". But I'm not good at this
  4. Yes EVE is definitely a problem. I am currently playing with latest version of KSP. Thanks for answer! P.S. They don't like it here when you write not in English: D
  5. Rus: Как я понял (раз яндекс диск) ты должен понимать по русски Я плохо понимаю инглиш, по этому через переводчик понял что ты там что то исправил. Это только для RSS или без него то же это будет работать? И только для 1.8.1 версии? Вот в чём вопрос. Eng (google translate): As I understand it (yandex disk) you are Russian. I don't understand English well, that's why I realized through the translator that you fixed something there. Is it just for RSS or without it will it work? And only for the 1.8.1 version? That's the question.
  6. Squad could say that everything will be updated in "First day July in Mexican time :D". Okay Let's wait.
  7. Hey! When will we be updated? I have on July 1. 13 hours as
  8. If I understand correctly, you don’t like Duna without "Spectra" and don’t like Duna from "Spectra". So you need an AVP. There Duna is what you need.