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  1. @Anth12 Sorry I didn't answer. Was busy with routine work for rubles ... You've already done everything! Good job (I don’t understand a damn thing about it anyway)
  2. Why do you need a craft file? look at video there is nothing unusual. You take the "service bay SM-18" and install RCS on it.
  3. Found a not nice bug today. I don't know if he is in bug list or not.
  4. Yes it's cool (probably). But it would be better to fix bugs in KSP.
  5. I have a science mission to Gilly. I updated game and they were all without jetpacks! How can you work for Gilly without jetpacks? Our jetpacks are gone!
  6. I use suits only. They are divine! It's not clear why the kerbals need camouflage suits ... but it looks good!
  7. Good job. Hopefully it won't add any new bugs. But why Bop and not Pol?
  8. Hi man! There is a mistake in word "Огромный". The letter "г" is missing. Bluedog Design Bureau - Stockalike Saturn, Apollo, and more! (v1.7.1 "оромный" 18/Oct/2020)
  9. KSP 1.10.1 / Spectra-1.4.0 / scatterer-0.0621c / EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements- (R-T-B) bug repeated
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