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  1. After installing the updated Restock and Restock + I got this funny error. This error manifests itself with the Poodle engine.
  2. Do you know what I'm missing in game? Light descent vehicle for 3 kerbals.
  3. I would like to see more of the game itself. Your conversations are not very clear to me. I speak English very poorly. Show at last what you have done in the game! Or nothing?!
  4. Okay! These panels were in short supply. P.S. I also want a folding powerful repeater!
  5. @Anth12 Sorry I didn't answer. Was busy with routine work for rubles ... You've already done everything! Good job (I don’t understand a damn thing about it anyway)
  6. Why do you need a craft file? look at video there is nothing unusual. You take the "service bay SM-18" and install RCS on it.
  7. Found a not nice bug today. I don't know if he is in bug list or not.
  8. Yes it's cool (probably). But it would be better to fix bugs in KSP.
  9. I have a science mission to Gilly. I updated game and they were all without jetpacks! How can you work for Gilly without jetpacks? Our jetpacks are gone!
  10. I use suits only. They are divine! It's not clear why the kerbals need camouflage suits ... but it looks good!
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