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  1. Thanks helped! But... there is more: I removed Spectra. Installed Spectra without Vibrant sunsets.
  2. Thank you. This is great! I am looking forward to this event. I hope they will show us the Moon from board of Orion.
  3. I understand that NASA wants to launch SLS immediately with Orion on August 29th. Orion will immediately fly into orbit of the Moon or into orbit of the Earth? I don't understand english well and didn't understand.
  4. Some engines have waterfall issues. Perhaps this is somehow influenced by "Scatterer". Scatterer 0.0835 ; DistantObject- ; Environmental_Visual_Enhancements_Redux- ; Waterfall_0_9_0 ; WaterfallRestock_0_2_3 ; StockWaterfallEffects_0_6_3 ; RestockPlus-1.4.3 ; B9PartSwitch_v2.20.0 ; ModuleManager-4.2.2 ; Spectra-1.6.5 ; Camera_Tools_continued-1.22.0 ; TextureReplacer-4.5.3
  5. Thank you. I thought it was more difficult, because in "WaterfallRestock" there is no waterfall for these two engines. And therefore "WaterfallRestock" and "Stock Waterfall Effects" would not work well together. (Maybe my logic is broken) BUT Everything seems to be working as it should.
  6. Yes. All other engines have a modified look and waterfall effect. These two engines look like stock.
  7. Please somebody! I use ReStock+ There engines LV-TX87 "Bobcat", LV-T91 "Cheetah" do not have a waterfall. Very useful engines. Especially the Cheetah. Does anyone know how to tie waterfall to these engines from - "Stock Waterfall Effects"?
  8. I use ReStock+ there are no waterfall configurations for engines - LV-TX87 "Bobcat", LV-T91 "Cheetah" Very useful engines. Especially the Cheetah. Does anyone know how to tie configurations to these engines from - "Stock Waterfall Effects"?
  9. Is it possible to replace Valentina Tereshkova with Svetlana Savitskaya? We do not like Tereshkova. [snip]
  10. When the "lander" (it's a whole rocket!) weighs over 120 tons (on Eve) RCS doesn't help at all. So it's like that for everyone.
  11. PEOPLE! Someone tell me how to fix this: All my landers skim the surface of planets (Laythe, Eve). Am I only one with this problem? Is there any mod that fixes this?
  12. Aaaaaaa! It's like inscriptions on Apollo. Word "probe" is written in cyrillic. hmm ... hmm ... I see ... your American jokes.
  13. After installing the updated Restock and Restock + I got this funny error. This error manifests itself with the Poodle engine.
  14. Do you know what I'm missing in game? Light descent vehicle for 3 kerbals.
  15. I would like to see more of the game itself. Your conversations are not very clear to me. I speak English very poorly. Show at last what you have done in the game! Or nothing?!
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