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  1. @Araym Thanks for answer. I like this motley suit! I really hope that this will all be!
  2. Great job! Will it be included in the next update of the mod?
  3. Laythe & Vall (AVP 4.0) - Screenshots: Kerbin & Moho (AVP 4.0) - Screenshots:
  4. 1. delete all mods and install: 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. - 6. - 7. - Module Manager 4.1.3
  5. In fact, of course there are problems. Displaying planets at a great distance is not correct. look at Kerbin. You will see that around something invisible Minmus revolves!
  6. It looks cool. a bit acidic. But satchels look like a white spot.
  7. Yes. He is such a. Put the "distant object" will be better. It seems to me. and more realistic.
  8. @MotokiKuN Speak russian or not? You do not quite correctly spell "Space Research Corporation" (over "Japanspace"). To write correctly like this - Корпорация космических исследований
  9. eng: Screenshots amaze my imagination simply! rus: Скриншоты поражают моё воображение просто!
  10. I have a desire to translate this wonderful mod into Russian. But I do not understand how this can be done. Having opened the file "language.en-us" (folder "Translations") in notepad, I realized that there is not all the text. Or I don’t understand something. Do not throw liquided rags at me if I seem too dumb: D I can not program. But i really want this mod to be in Russian too. P.S. github link not working. works. this was my browser problem.
  11. Well why: letter Q (eng) - КУ (rus). Well yes, there two letters. letter W (eng) - В (rus) But if you think that is better. You know better. You author. In any case this mod is cool. I adore Saturn - 5 and Gemini!
  12. Ok I just did not understand humor: D P.S. Some letters remained latin. Maybe should fix some of inscriptions (црев аццесс, экуипмент стораге)?
  13. My game on russian language. The inscriptions on the service, command and other modules are not displayed correctly. I want to use your mod, but I do not want to install the English version of the game. Question: Is it possible to make it so that regardless of the language of the game, all the inscriptions were in English? Moreover, it is quite canonical. After all, all the devices are American. Screenshots: