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  1. Yeah I was thinking that more contracts would be fun but these are a bit buggy. Oh well.
  2. I was working on getting a SCANsat satellite into a the correct orbit when I realized that the SCANsat contract was tracking a different vessel for contract completion. (I think) I've found the parameters for said contract in my save file, but I don't know the vessel ID of the sat that I want it to track, and I don't want to bork my latest career save; I've already backed up the file but just in case. Here's the contract data from the save file:
  3. It's funny how a lot of these are confirmed for KSP 2, or (hopefully) at least achievable with future mods.
  4. Aw that's a shame, still a great mod/tool regardless though! I'll have to check out SSTU.
  5. Is there support for part packs like ReStock? Or is it just a matter of creating a config?
  6. Wow this is spectacular! You did a really good job with this mini-series. I also love the use of the 'First Man' soundtrack in the last episode. I agree that your next project should be a little more original but this was still definitely unique! Keep up the good work!
  7. How to build proper aircraft (and propeller craft too). Just can't seem to figure it out on my own, much to the dismay of my kerbals.
  8. Maybe they just thought they were over-sized fishbowls. Not sure the fish would like the taste of residue rocket fuel though.
  9. Thanks man! I saw the competition, and I'm already trying to get some good screenshots of my Moho mission.
  10. Hello! I recently have gotten back into KSP after a few years of letting it collect dust wait patiently on my hard drive. It's been a blast to relearn the basics and find out whats changed since I last played, and I've finally gotten around to using mods as well! In my search for cool mods I came across the forums and after seeing how active it is I decided to check it out. It's really nice to see a lot of like-minded and passionate people hanging around here, and I look forward to chatting sometime. Here's a pic of my first Mun landing after coming back! p.s. KSP 2 hype!