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  1. Yep, there it is. Ice-world vibe. I also had all my other mods installed as well (not too many visual ones though).
  2. A few shots from various manned Munar Missions:
  3. I just tested (forced OpenGL through Steam). Seems to be working better than without. However, when you get a distance from the atmosphere the colors of the land masses still gets bluish. I also have some pretty rough framerates (I have a midend system, runs 1.8 prettty OK). Now it's kind of rough. And there's a 10 fps difference between full screen and windowed mode (being +10).
  4. If you just have a look at the thread here you will soon notice that the current version of Scatterer is not working with 1.8.
  5. Here's my submission. Original image is 7000px wide.