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  1. Thanks, but in that case I must have gotten the wrong log.. This issue is on the newest versions of both KSP and Scatterer. I'll re-upload the log. EDIT: When I check the location of the output log, this is the file I get ( the one I already submitted). I have two versions of KSP installed, and this seems to be the log for 1.8?? I have no idea where to find the log for 1.9... to prove I'm not making this up: Turning ocean shadows off does not help.
  2. Uhmm, sorry, why did you close my issue on Github? This appears in KSP 1.9 and the latest version of Scatterer...
  3. Yes. These "lines" appears when the camera is moved in certain angles. Up to about Low Orbit.. Up there it only appears as some small flickering here and there in the ocean texture.
  4. Bump.. " However, now Scatterer (laterst version) is acting kind of funny. All of a sudden it looks like this:" anyone?
  5. Hi folks. I'm having issues getting 1.9 to work with the mods I want. I've had some bad FPS-hits and have been trying to get down to where the problem lies. I feel like PlanetShine might be causing the FPS drop. (I guess there is no new version of this one?) However, now Scatterer (laterst version) is acting kind of funny. All of a sudden it looks like this:
  6. To me, the dx12 forcing is too hard on my system, sadly. Bad framerate.
  7. Is there a way to get "automatic" notice when there's a 1.9 version running? Like Twitter? Or is this the place to keep an eye on? We just can't live without Scatterer. That's how good it is.
  8. Yep, there it is. Ice-world vibe. I also had all my other mods installed as well (not too many visual ones though).
  9. A few shots from various manned Munar Missions:
  10. I just tested (forced OpenGL through Steam). Seems to be working better than without. However, when you get a distance from the atmosphere the colors of the land masses still gets bluish. I also have some pretty rough framerates (I have a midend system, runs 1.8 prettty OK). Now it's kind of rough. And there's a 10 fps difference between full screen and windowed mode (being +10).