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  1. Hello, thanks for responding. I already solved that problem (by installing a older version of CKAN). But i encountered another problem. My textures didn't load (i checked my gamedata folder and i had all the mod folders). I know how to install it but i have a slow internet connection (specially during this year due to the lockdown) and the last time i installed it took me some hours. Is there another way of downloading this with the ckan? EDIT: I readed the article and did all the steps (except creating because i got the kerbin planet in the home screen).
  2. I have stock KSP, just kerbal engineer and kos (and module manager and toolbar thingie mod). Even though, when i look the (or a planet) my KSP frame rate drops badly. I've never checked my fps on KSP, neither i know a way how to, but i would say it drops to 15 fps or less. Does somebody has a solution or anything that i have to set off on settings to fix this?
  3. Hey, i have KSP 1.8.1, i want to download this mod on Ckan. But it doesn't let me (even though it says that the mod is compatible with 1.7.x and 1.8.x), and i can't find a link where i can report this to get some help. Could someone help me please?
  4. By the way. I love this, its the visual enhancements that takes less FPS, and it still looks as if i had Astronomer's Visual Pack installed.
  5. By the way, the photos of Kerbin and Duna that i previously show you, are from before i installed EVE. The planets now look like the same but now they have the clouds (don't worry the clouds got the effects),
  6. I think you misunderstanded me a bit, i want the pink Duna, but it doesn't appear, it appears as the scatterer configs. EDIT: Kerbin has some of the pink effects, the atmosphere is blue. If you need a photo i previously sent one on my first post.
  7. My bad, im not an expert on KSP so i might be confused, i meant Duna. Yes i meant the version of CKAN, english is not my native languague. About the other problems, they got fixed so thank you, i will wait for the awnser of the Duna problem.
  8. I noticed when i downloaded it with CKAN, all i got was the flares and the scatterer configs. I tried downloading it manually but downloading im not good at downloading these type of graphics mods manually. On CKAN Mars isn't pink, the earth actually is and it looks good, but i badly want a pink mars.
  9. I downloaded it the same way i always do, download the file from spacedock or other official links, put the mod folder into gamedata and start the game to test the mod. I tried changing to 1.8.1 didn't worked. I also tried to get the version previous to this one, the same happended. CKAN worked, i still want to report this bug.
  10. Is there any EVE config file? I don't see any on the post. Also the clouds and the cities doesn't load.
  11. Hey, i have a problem, when i am trying to dock or i already docked the Saturn V orbital module with the Landing Module my RCS and engines stop working instantly. PD: When i use a replica with no DLCs/mods that doesn't happens
  12. I installed all the files that i have found, they all worked correctly but when i load/launch my spaceshuttle most of the parts except the airlock and the boosters are invisible.
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