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  1. Hi Angel I just saw on YouTube that the standard game will have rotation on the docking ports. So ... in the future DockRotate will no longer be a necessary mod, correct ???
  2. I'm using: RENDER = MINIMUM and TEXTURES = HALF but I think that a level below in textures already solves (I'm not sure ... need to test)
  3. I already downloaded it manually. Parts but this will be updated in CKAN too ... correct? (just curious)
  4. For me this is beautiful and confusing at the same time
  5. Wow! 10 years! it's like a son I started with 1.4.5 and I still have that version installed. A folder only of special games that marked me as "Super Bombermam 3", "Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories", "Super Mario World", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV" ... ah! sweet time. Kerbal is a highlight on the bookshelf.
  6. It looks different than what I have here ... Is this in the mod? Or is it a closed beta version?
  7. Sorry for the question but I don't recognize this capsule. Where did you get it?
  8. Wow ... the angle of the photo makes it look like a new docking port Yes yes ... I made a point of observing this before. I installed it first using CKAN and then manually. Tonight I'm going to test it again to make sure, if it doesn't work I will warn you here and send you the necessary files. GameLog is what you need ... right?
  9. I don't know if you're still trying to friend ... but now it's working. I managed to install by CKAN in 1.11.2
  10. This is going to be really cool! I'm having a problem with the CARGO TRUNK from Crew / Cargo dragon V2 ... he should disengage from the capsule but this option does not appear in the part menu or in the stages. I've tried using the mod in a clean install and it doesn't work either. Am I doing something wrong? Improvisation with other decouplers ... it helps when it comes to playing but diminishes the beauty of the mod I also had this doubt ... but to me it seems to be from Tundra. (hoping so kkk i love new docking ports)
  11. A few days ago this was already pretty cool. Now that there are more things I'm almost putting in the main mods folder. great job friend, congratulations!
  12. Never? I thought there was Got it ... at least the windows are already a really cool thing to see ...
  13. Hi benjee I remember seeing an attachment point in the JEM module for JEMRMS but yesterday I saw that there is no more. Was this removed or did I install something wrong? If nothing has been removed and everything is ok, do you have future plans in the Japanese area of the station? A functional airlock maybe?
  14. I have Kerbal Joint installed and have had this problem in previous versions ... I'll keep an eye on it.
  15. Hey Benjee! I saw on a previous page (I don't remember which one) that you plan a Buran in the same style. Will it be a new mod or would it be included here? (curious to see this)
  16. I managed to make that message go away. Like this? If I do that will the Stock missions disappear?
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