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  1. so recently i modded my ksp 1.9 build with: ke redux, vens new parts, bdarmory, physicsrangeextender, and (something something) nuclear science ink. recently i have had trouble with my rockets and planes as when they are in the air, sometimes if i zoom in (not very far) my craft suddenly fades from view. if i zoom back out, my craft is visible again. can anyone help me with this issue?
  2. Can you direct me to mods that use it? "afterburners" on nukes sounds pretty cool
  3. how do i use this mod? there is no interface or other obvious ways to turn on a "burst"
  4. I seem to have a similar problem and note: My KSP is fully updated to latest version
  5. So the Cr2 jet is producing negative thrust even at mach 1. Is this a normal bug or am I the only one having this issue? Help with this would be appreciated!