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  1. This documentary is as old as time itself. Ah, the days of 2012 with that authentic 240p experience.
  2. Not sure how this is relevant to the thread in any way, but I'll answer. Atomic mass is the mass (in amu) of an individual atom, dependent on how many protons, neutrons, and electrons exist in that atom. Molar mass is the mass (usually in grams) of one mole of a particular type of atom or chemical. One mole is defined as 6.02 x 10^23 of whatever atomic or chemical unit you're measuring. 6.02x10^23 is known as Avogadro's Number and is a very important constant in chemistry. Atomic mass and molar mass are numerically equivalent, with the former being in amu and the latter be
  3. Nvm I'm stupid and needed to increase the Exotic Matter percentage to 200%.
  4. Okay for whatever reason I can't seem to get the alcubierre drives more than halfway full of exotic matter and I can't just lift up using antigravity. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  5. Been using this mod with GregoxMun's Whirligig World planet pack and I found that I can lower speeds and dV costs by slingshotting around stars and planets until I get the desired dV. Still pretty compliated.
  6. Interesting. Looks like I can't overload the drive because need a lot of ExoticMatter (for the large drive). Can't seem to get more than 50 units of it. Another concern is that I always run out of antimatter midway between star systems and then get stranded because I can't seem to get any more. Any way to alleviate this other than not shrink everything with Tweakscale? And another issue, when I try to activate my generators it says "no attached power source" ... Should probably go and learn this step by step rather than jump in all at once.
  7. Downloaded the mod and I have no clue what I need to create a basic and small warp vessel to get to another star system and never come back. This mod is crazy lol
  8. This mod was annoying at first. But once I figured it out (and installed an FTL mod to get places easier, KSPIE doesn't work probably because of an ID conflict with the NERVA engine), I love the challenge it poses. Valyr is my favourite of all the planets, it's such a blast trying to land just right so I get on a continent. What a gorgeous sunrise. Barely enough ablator! I assume this also happens in Real Solar System. Jeb here is going on exile because he ███████ ██████ █████████. I'm usually pretty expressionless but this actually made me happy.
  9. AMD FX-8320 to Ryzen 7 2700X. Difference is night and day. Dangit I just realized there's a necroposting rule.
  10. I at first had a processor from 7 years ago and a SATA HDD. Stock KSP would take 2-3 minutes to load, and with heavy mods like Kopernicus and a planet pack it would take upwards of 10 or even 15. Now I have a much newer CPU and that enabled me to get an NVMe SSD. The GPU is the same (Hoping to swap it out), but now loading times have been cut to 30 seconds and the game doesn't lag on startup. The jump to a massively more recent CPU and a much faster storage unit has paid well off. I won't get into specifics because then it'll seem like I'm advertising.
  11. There are still quite a few bugs that need to be ironed out, namely: Kerbmun and Valyr having weird hexagonal patterns with Scatterer Derbin and Valyr not having clouds with EVE but having clouds with Scatterer alone The KSC being WAY too bright when you first start up the game, then it being nighttime when you go into the VAB, SPH, or Tracking station and then exit Day and night cycles not working when you use timewarp while viewing the KSC The KSC indicator shaking slightly while in Tracking Station view No Dessert or Woomerang launch site for those who h
  12. red habitable moon. how interesting, i anxiously look forward to this. i wonder what the vegetation and surface look like for it to be so red. seems as if it's in perpetual autumn, or perpetual bombardment of radiation. i wanna fly there now. reminds me of kepler 442-b, it's so red it's beautiful (even if an artist's rendition)
  13. Ah yeah that is an option. This thread is pretty dead though, I seem to be the only one actually hyped for the first non-WIP release
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