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  1. @dylansanOk, I installed RSS and RO and the fuel issue has been fixed. But the SSRB decouplers and launch clamps will still not attach to the external tank. Can you go and check its attachment points?
  2. @DylanSemrauThe fuel that was supposed to be provided is Hydrogen. No, I haven't. I will see about CRP
  3. @DylanSemrau Nice system, but I have few problems. SRB Decouplers won't attach to the external tank The external tank dosen't provide the correct fuel for the SSME.
  4. @Radar Ok, but can you tell DECQ to update his current shuttle? There's countless glitches such as no plume showing, nose landing gear won't retract, rear landing gear dosen't appear, I cannot change the textures to Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, or Endevour. I did install all of the dependencies but thats what I got.
  5. @Radar The space shuttle system for DECQ, the solid rocket boosters don't look the same. Also, I have a lot of gltiches with DECQ's space shuttle. I love this space shuttle but the SRBs?
  6. Hello DECQ! @DECQ This shuttle system is amazing, although its a little bit outdated and has a lot of glitches, I will list them below. - I can't switch to Challenger, Columbia, Endevour, or Discovery. Only Atlantis is available - Plume dosen't show, I installed the realplume but it doesn't show. - The wheels won't retract, I also installed KSPwheel. - The fuel runs out very quickly. - Spins out of control during reentry regardless the position of the shuttle. Can you please update it and fix all these glitches? It would be highly appreciated.
  7. Hello! I just talked with Radar and he will be starting from scratch and make a new Space Shuttle for KSP 2. Some new features are Canadarm will be added, a launchpad will be added, and etc!
  8. Hello! will there be a RSS for KSP 2?
  9. Hello! So, I have one issue with Realism Overhaul. When installing RO with CKAN, I started up the game and all of the sudden loading just stopped at "squad/parts/jetengines/jetengineafterburn/turbojet". I have deleted that file but when I started KSP again, for some reason, the jetengines file has been stalling it.
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