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  1. You apparently have an error on 1 page in the description 5.8.3 Is it 6.8.3? KSP 1.8-1.9: 5.8.3, 6.8.2, 6.8.1, 6.8.0 6.7.3, 6.7.2, 6.7.1, 6.7.0
  2. There is no connection between the satellites. What's wrong. There is a connection between the satellite and the Tracking Center, There is no connection between the satellites. What could be the problem? example screenshot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SZlfgHwP2HMB1CduyY4f2dR83rxINEpD/view?usp=sharing
  3. It’s not about looking for stones The bottom line is to fly to a distant planet (with minimum weight) to dig up ore and make your own base(Rocket Port) there. Because you cannot or it is very difficult to deliver (bring) the base to distant planets.
  4. In Mods, the problem is that they do not always work correctly. Sometimes there is one version of modA And in the other version there is ModB And you can’t install ModA and ModB on one version of the game. Sometimes they don’t work properly and conflict with other mods. And this should somehow be taken into account by the developers. Developed some standards which will adhere to everything for compatibility. Somehow unite the mods so that they work correctly on all versions of the game. Therefore, basic things like chemistry should be developed initially by developers so that those who make mods can use these elements in mods.
  5. In order to please everyone, I propose to make this possible, but not mandatory. For example, to turn it off and turn off in the settings. Or it was like a DLC or mod. Always. someone for, someone against. Because everyone has their own style of play.
  6. 1. No need to make things complicated. Can be made simple. Simple things are interesting. When few things it's boring. 2. Each ore has its own properties of overheating, bending, brittleness, and melting temperature. This will make the game fun. 3. Even if the ore count is 30-60 it will greatly brighten up the game.4. KSP seems unfinished and not interesting (it Sadly). Why? Now all the top-end (namely, sold games) use the "SURVIVAL" genre. Yes you are the best simulator more realistic in the field of flights, of all (The truth of the planet is mythical, which is very sad (it's terrible)). Interestingly this real solar system. Mercury,Venus,Earth,Moon,Mars,Phobos,Deimos,asteroid belt,Jupiter and its moons,Saturn and its moons,Uranus and its moons,Neptune and its moons,Pluto and asteroid belt. Next already fictional mystical planets. The game really lacks the elements of "Survival" (to become full). 5. It's stupid to explore space without "SCIENCE" (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, geology.) It's boring to explore space without "SURVIVAL" 6. To make the game interesting. You need to take emphasis on “SCIENCE” and “SURVIVAL”. Maybe not as I wrote, a little differently. But the genre of "SCIENCE" and "SURVIVAL" in games is very popular and very important.
  7. Yes, but with a periodic table of elements. And the quality of the parts depended on what material this part was made of. The previous topic was similar, but it ended up with the fact that in KSP it is unrealistic to use VoxelMap. Because high speeds are important. And indeed it is.
  8. How to make a game interesting without Voxel Map. Without this, the game sucks I do not see the desire to play in KSP2: You need to scatter ore around the planet so that it can be to collect and build rockets from this ore in real time on any planet. And also ore can be obtained from the soil with a "drill". We put on ore "extractor" and collect ore in "container distributor". We throw this ore of "container distributor" to "purifier". And we get the entire periodic table of chemical elements in "containers" . On each planet, the proportions of ore are different for the "purifier". On any planet there is any ore. We distill these elements in "container" , no matter "gas", "liquid", "solid" state. We delete the unnecessary by the "utilizer". Then from these "container" we craft what we need for a rocket and our character collects a rocket directly on any planet (or spawn from blueprint in the workshop.). We craft items from any ore, but soft material less durable. In order to survive on another planet, us need "food. Which should be obtained from "hydroponics", "hydroponics" requires "water", "soil" and "fertilizers" that we get in an ore "purifier". From the "purifier" we get "water" and "oxygen" to breathe, as well as "carbon dioxide" so that plants have something to breathe. "Plants" emit "oxygen" that we can collect in "container". For "plant" life, you need the right temperature, the sun or "LED lamps". Also in the "purifier" we get "fuel" for the "rocket". In the "purifier" we get: Hydrogen + oxygen, oil + oxygen, another fuel + another oxidizing agent.
  9. Take-Two Interactive doesn’t want to add a real chemistry simulator to the game? As in game Oxygen Not Includet see table. So when you flew to the planet you didn’t stupidly look into the distance and ask what should I do now in this boring game. Make it so that it is possible to build various equipment for ore search and for ore processing, the construction of its base in order to build its own spaceport and build a rocket on this new base. And during construction use real chemistry as in Oxygen Not Includet. (Consider the properties of gases.) For example: for example Add hydroponics and a true cycle in nature.
  10. No, because the fog is far invisible.
  11. fundamentally change the way gravity itself works in the game, brilliant solution, Why not??? In any case, the game cannot be 100% realistic. Сhange gravity is a brilliant solution. So no one will notice, small planet. because Kerbin also less Earth. Kerbin also no realistic.
  12. Maybe, I dont know. I judge simply by the game which is already. It’s not like in KSP, there is no physics there, you fly just like in a car, 5 liters of prometium = 100 watts to the moon in 10 minutes, or 5-25 pentaxid crystals to another sector i.e. another planet.
  13. I play Empyrion - Galactic survival with Voxel MAP I do not notice the size of the planet. And 10 planets occupy less than 5 gigabytes. therefore, the calculations are not correct. for example
  14. I do not know. maybe: The calculations are correct, but I meant small planets, not giant ones. But look, you will not dig the entire planet, but only part of it. Why calculate what is not needed. THIS -> Storage: 2 GB available space / Storage: 4 GB available space 10 planets The planets may be small (99% people no one will notice.), But physics is for large planets.
  15. I hate playing shooters. They weary me. It’s bad that all the top games are shooters. I'm glad that KSP is not a shooter, it is just a salvation and not a game. I played it when it wasn’t (or wasn’t famous) such wonderful games of games as KSP, Minecraft(+mods), Empyrion - Galactic Survival. Marauding/Looting It is very interesting. When you are not at the spaceport, everyone builds. You runs, collects the rocket from the garbage. Survival seems wonderful to me.
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