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  1. Really tho, all of us KSP adventurers are of the right stuff!
  2. I finally got BDB's awesome Saturn V working really nice on my JNSQ install and made it to the Mun. Even landed the LM on it too. (well in my day it was the L.E.M as Jethro Tull so sings about it on the Benefit album, lol) With the sound of a Saturn V and the view of JNSQ quarter scale realism , I felt like I was there.
  3. Well even tho I am still a baby with KSP and I am sure most of you already did this, I finally got BDB's awesome Saturn V working really nice on my JNSQ install and made it to the Mun. Even landed the LM on it too. (well in my day it was the L.E.M as Jethro Tull so sings about it on the Benefit album, lol)
  4. To those that have died with this terrible virus. I am at the upper age limit to get this. To those of you in a younger generation. Stay home, play KSP and be aware you could bring it to your parents or older folks if you go out.
  5. This really bothers me. It seems someone changed simple aerodynamic parameters to make something else easier or what they thought would be better. This may affect a lot more, especially when your depending on ships that took a long time to develop.
  6. Using fumes to get home from Minmus Ok this mission was crazy. I had more than enough deltas V for this trip to and from Minmus but what I had to do was land on Minmus with a reason of doubt, that I may not return. I knew this in a way but I went for the trip regardless. Two Kerbals went along for the ride. I needed to land on Minmus and do a career test of not only one very large TD-50 decoupler on the planet but its same size big brother, a TD-50 STACK decoupler landed there as well! Yes... two very large explosive big boys. Why?? Over a half a million kerbucks were on the line and 28 science. Good cash! Good science and just fun. Here is the Contract: So I used the famous Basilia VI starship, who not only has an awesome lander for Minmus but also has a few spots to put these decouplers on. Knowing, when tested, they will blow up with a very loud boom and probably take down my assent engine. So outside the ascent, I put two more engines as a "just in case" scenario! I have 5 tanks why not? Yes I know a gamble was here especially with a STACK decoupler near it and all that could go wrong. With all this crazy testing, it was also Jebediahs job to bring two tourists (Jenstar Kerman and Geneuki Kerman) to just fly by Minmus for more kerbucks. They did not know they were gonna land and be put at the risk of two decoupler explosions. Here is the Basilia VI craft with the two decups attached: (man there big) What I did not know was in the end, I did loose my ascent engine, the two outside ones were in-tack but the middle tank was not accessible to either of them. They had some fuel, but not enough to reach a complete Minmus escape velocity out to reach home. I did have a backup plan for that as well and in fact made it home with only mono propellant fumes! I call this plan the "Kobayashi Maru" maneuver. (hehe) Here is the mission! Landed on Minmus just fine OK, here is the ultimate test.. Two massive decouplers, ready 5...4...3...2...1.. TEST Whew, did not tip over, legs back down, check data, yup... center ascent engine gone! Two outside ones, still attached. But oh no, before the explosion (below), to the left the middle tank was half full, now afterwards to the right, the outside ones are now very low. That middle engine is gone!!! Well lets try to go home! Nope didnt make it!! As you can see down to the bottom left, no more fuel!!!! But the center tank still has fuel... Nope cant get to it! What now...... Yup MONO-PROPELLANT!!! And Lots of it! Bring me home mono propellant! Very slow, this took me about 30 minutes to do as well with no time lapse! JUST MADE IT!! With 8 units or 24kg of mono left!! WOOOT! So the next time I will always remember to brings a lot of mono propellant. It saved my day and the life of three Kerbals. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, a few basic mods)
  7. Last night I took a somewhat close picture of the full moon near my house. It was am OK image with my very very old camcorder. Not bad and a bit better than my new cell phone.
  8. when I saw this the first thing I thought of was Val saying to herself, "Just think like Chuck Yeager and the X1 will fly just great" lol
  9. I am very new here but as I watch this really cool thread that has been going on for a while, and awesome names of so many locations have been given, is there a map of these great finds that have been made yet. It would be very cool to have one on an image to look at and go there. Thanks for reading.
  10. Welcome to the KSP forum @WolffXIII Wow I see you have played alot of this awesome sim! New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. Great to have you here!
  11. Needed to bring two Kerbals to the Mun. So glad to land here every-time. I think Jeb always looks at these landing through Neil Armstrong's eyes. I know I do. Nellrie and Jorlas Kerman had an awesome time too. The science here is great! Found a small crater near-bye as well Now, take off to get back to Kerbin, Job done. (1.9.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, a few basic mods)
  12. Colossus II Making fun rockets to work in JNSQ
  13. An easy career contract to bring a Nerv Atomic engine for a suborbital trajectory around Minmus. No need to land it but I brought the lander as well being that Doctor's Basilia engine works so well for these missions and the lander is apart of it. Not much more in cost due to the amount of fuel needed to get here as well. Its shape was superb for this mission too. Also had to bring, not one, but two large Decouplers as well. The TD-37's. Thats why I talked about shape of the Basilia starship. Its really good for low heavy weight objects. It's so funny to get the same task in one career assignment. Did them both and the Nerv engine too, so Job done! (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods)
  14. Welcome to the KSP forum @Etherian Space ProgramNew here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. Try looking at few youtubes as well. They helped me alot as well as this awesome forum. Search for Scott Manley or Mike Aben. Those two are really into to ksp stuff and even into real rocketry itself. Have fun!