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  1. Wow that is really cool @jaunco325! Seems so useful for those areas where gravity is so low. If I were you tho, (and this is knew to me) but it seems like many people put there crafts in the KerbalX website. Seems like a great place and I just joined myself.
  2. Wow that was pretty cool! Yea it seemed a bit in the late 80's. Did not know about that. The shuttle by itself seemed to help us most all that time afterwards. True about being pretty pointless, the pair of main engines were never recovered so we lost more than what the shuttle gave back really. Very cool presentation tho, thanks for sharing!
  3. Welcome to the forum, @Doc Gonzo! I am fairly new myself and love the game. Have been doing quite alot of career mode as well as sandbox. Love to be challenged and sandbox just opens your mind to awesome creation possibilities. Have fun.
  4. Banned for eating a reese's peanut butter cup!
  5. Well not to the Mun, but to a near by "over the pond" a bit that needed a rover.
  6. Nothing much last night except finishing off some distant career contracts where I managed to cause my Jet to over heat and crash at the south pole! (Jeb was freezing but still alive!) so I did get to complete that mission and come home. So funny tho because, yes, my engine was still overheated, burning and stuck in the ground but also my batteries were hot?? Dont know? They were inside the compartment which was closed. Hmm. It must have been one of the lithium rechargeable types you find in the new skateboards... lol! Also because of all the express trips I have been giving to dozens(maybe more) of Kerbals into space and orbit, I managed to completely finish off my space center upgrades!! wooot! At tier 4 no less!! 1.65 mill for the R&D and some I had left for the airstrip as well.
  7. Well @PuffleFuzz being that I started here about the same time you did (maybe a a few week's earlier), are you having fun with KSP!! Have you made any rockets, planes or doing career things or just enjoying in the forum? (yea, dont look at my posts, I talk too much) With me almost 2 months this sim is just amazing, I love it! cya soon!
  8. Last night I did quite alot of express missions for 2 and sometime 4 passengers for my career at tier 4. Quite honestly I only have one more upgrade to the R&D building and the entire complex is completed, thanks to the tourism contracts in this game. Here is my rocket I have created and been using the past couple weeks for it. (when I have 4 passengers I just add that compartment, just above the one shown.) Its really smooth with no wobbles too and I can make fine looking orbits! Yes a little bit of an overkill engine wise but it gives me, still a beginner, a little room for errors and for the extra passengers.
  9. Banned for saying "Space Force" too many times. We are not at war in space.
  10. OK this is NUTS. Still getting contracts done and not only to very far places but this one on the very slanted side of a very high mountain. LOL! I had to fly around again, just go over the peak, eject my chutes, cut the throttle, land and then slide in slowly down to it with my hand on the "Log Pressure" button. Fortunately when I was in range I stopped it with the brakes, and was able to take the data while standing still. I did NOT have to have Jeb get out to do it. All the way down it was at maybe a 45 degree angle. I was almost going to skip this one. I was able to recover it and come home. No way was I going to take off again afterwards... Look at how much fuel I had left!!
  11. Banned for killing Jebediah Kerman just way too many times
  12. Again, doing a bit more flying this week than rocket launches. Did this one last night. For some reason, I get quite alot of low altitude (below 18km) type of contracts recently and most are really far away. Got Val to take some pressure readings over in Africa. I really need to save Gralo tho, shes been up there in orbit all week, as well as Bardo! lol
  13. This happened to me but I do not think its a bug. I think your just supposed to rebuild the ship and try again with a new Kerbal. Oh you said (if a rescued Kerbal dies during reentry) sorry, I got that wrong.
  14. I am not any kind of serious game player. Maybe at best 10 different ones over the last 15 years. Moving from the demo last month to 1.8.1 of KSP now is the most phenomenal game I have ever played and honestly, it has changed my gaming, hobby and maybe my way of looking at space and rocketry all over again.
  15. Star Trek - "All I ask is a tall ship"
  16. Well still flying around with my tiny airship! Got some real far away contracts to a continent that looks like Africa to the east. It was a very long ride even with time-warp active. Had fun riding all around tho at night, doing eva's and getting surface samples at lower altitudes.
  17. Tonight, I got my skycar over to the mountains way over to the north-east. Just running around looking for stuff. (was trying to go somewhere else for a contract but did not make it that far..hehe) and found this crystal on the edge of the mountain. What is it for?
  18. This is my humble opinion, but the color issues shown with the RS-25 engines and really many of its components are used to give technicians or someone observing the complexity of the machine itself a visual reference. Like the colors that were used on everything from the Jupiter C all the way to the Saturns and so forth, white and black stripes for visual rotation indicators or red areas here for possible positional info are used. This also was for detailed component locations. Here is one (below) where some have red except for a few and many show pipes up above for location. Even with aircraft as well, red was used for protection and should be removed before flight, as a visual indicator. These though with the engines just location. Again being a tech once, colors like this was always used as a reason in helping you get better info about it. IMHO Look at the yellow...dont use me!! (Wow, these engines are beautiful!)
  19. There must a huge cemetery somewhere on the planet Kerban! R.I.P Wenlan.
  20. (1.8.1) Nothing big last night, just had to test out the RE-L10 "Poodle" Liquid Fuel Engine up above 70km. I was a large engine so a bit of a bulge in my rocket was required. This was in the 4th tier of career mode I am doing. I think there is a medical term in how this rocket looks shape wise...
  21. Banned for saying "My Bad" too many times!
  22. (1.8.1) Well even though I am still doing contracts by bringing passengers into sub-orbit for career mode, I got one that needed two passengers for that and a full orbit around Kerban. Got them here into space just fine. I had just enough fuel to set my rocket back to Kerban out of orbit afterwards. I then ejected it and started heading back to a Pe of 44km. But before it started the re-entry, I got Val to do a spacewalk. I think my 2 passengers were very happy when she came back in. They both looked very frightened during this entire ordeal. This was all on the dark side of Kerban as well. Yanno, doing many passenger contracts makes quite alot of kerbucks too! I am already completing most all of the full upgrades to the buildings around KSC, and I am still at tier 4.