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  1. I know there are some awesome stuff in your pics above @Cavscout74, but Kerbals can deployed chutes & splash down safely? So COOL!!
  2. Banned for having a cover photo that has been seen before.
  3. (1.8.1) I know most all of you peeps have done a spacewalk, but me, I just finally did a few last night for my 1st! Yippee!! Man it is fun but at first a little intimidating and it was done in sandbox. (needed a break from career). Had to get used to the controls fast. I was going to get into orbit with Kerbal X, but went with the basic Kerbal 1 ship. This was to at least get used to the controls and keep it at a similar level with what I am doing in career. Just finished level 3. Here is Jeb, happy as a pig in s**** yea space.... Got him home fine from orbit too.
  4. Wow what is it with these picture websites, It was a major issue one of them stopping everything at the last moment. I know its monetary costs but really, no one can afford that.
  5. I have two quotes.. “Contact light.” – Buzz Aldrin The actual first words spoken from the surface of the Moon, when Apollo 11 landed, July 20, 1969. “Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.” ― Wernher von Braun I had a third from what JFK said in Houston, Texas, on September 12, 1962, but really... who does not know that one.
  6. So true, @Sir Mortimer just started watching Mike Abens utubes a few weeks ago and cant stop watching it. He is so laid back, awesome with math issues, loves the mods and stuff with career.... just fun to watch. There are really good peeps that are creators in those vids that help me with this cool program.
  7. Thanks buddy, yea the kerbalx was on my older PC so that was me, but like you noticed the imgur link still is a prob. Sorry bout that!
  8. For some reason the craft and dev links dont work @The_Doctor Maybe its me but I get a fail on both of them?
  9. Last night I was finally able to get 2 tourists into a somewhat stable orbit a couple times and return them (along with Val). I was also able to get a triple ride (with the craft shown, even tho it shows a four seat'er) once, but just barely made it home. The indicator was in the red during the maneuver and it was a slow re-entry below 50km for quite a while. Fortunately the ablator saved the day, which I just got in career mode. I think Im getting used to orbiting, but for a newbie, doing ok ATM.
  10. Hey @Geonovast if you (or anyone on this forum) need any detailed info or anything in these books just message me!
  11. Love this topic! Being somewhat knew, both with KSP and getting back into rocketry, I found this cool PFD from Nasa about gateway and some interesting stuff about it and lunar module Ideas. fwiw
  12. Here is a somewhat hard to find Peter Alway book about early rocketry. Being into model rocket building this book is a must. It has some awesome "Goddard" rockets in it as well with basic specs too!
  13. I would make one that looks like the Eagle Lunar lander, but I have not done a Mun landing yet. I just love Grumman's design of that beast for the Apollo program.
  14. Error: 1202 Program Alarm… Hmm I think this was already generated once.
  15. Thank you @Pecan! So looking forward to a Mun landing, or even a nice geocentric orbit around Kerban would cool as well. lol
  16. Not much last night other than me and Val doing some touring contracts for kerbbucks! And missing the runway as well that Jeb says was my fault! Well, like Chuck Yeager says.... "If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing"
  17. I have played for a little over one month now. It was the demo I began with in October. I now have KSP 1.8.1. I have NEVER seen a space game simulation as cool as this.... ever!
  18. Hello @Rickental So sorry Im late to welcome you. I started after you as well, so I am new here also. I see your still online with a few posts so hope your enjoying KSP again and welcome back.
  19. Thank you so much @hraban for that info! Wow, I think ill take a look at wings3d soon and try it out. Who knows, maybe I can make something. Thank you @linuxgurugamer as well for sharing this with you guys. Just fun stuff here!
  20. Please forgive my newness to not only KSP but to understanding the 3d graphic imaging program as well. If you dont mind me asking what 3d graphic program are you using to create those awesome looking models? I know the software tools are in C for dealing with them, but the 3d stuff fascinates me. The code does too, lol Thank you ahead of time.
  21. Well, applying to this thread about age and stuff, I thought this (KSP) was the 1st space related simulation I ever did, but no it wasn't. This was my first from 1982 with the old classic 48K dos3.3 Apple ][. Please believe me, the graphics you see on the box cover was just the way stuff like this was sold back then! What you saw was the 3 images on the screen below (with the earth to the left) in the sim itself. But really for a 1 megahertz machine back then and with storage, that was amazing. Wow what a change in technology!
  22. Still a newbie here but so loving the game. Had to do some distant "below 16km" tasks for my career mode tier 3 recently. Some so far away for some tasks with a jet, so I decided to slap a rocket on to it, put a dummy jet on the other side for balance and it got me most of the way there with Jeb on the good side! Yea it’s a hack but it did get me a good distance, and did I say, this is so much fun.... I just had to do it. After a course re-entry, I was able to glide in nicely, start the jet, complete a contract and exit. The other jet attached to the rocket was just a dummy with no one inside. So funny to see a jet engine at 70km+, and waiting for it to start up way down below that! lol
  23. OK, I new SpaceX is cool doing this............. awesome Rizzo!
  24. Well last night I built this simple little, well grounded, round about car. I heard there's quite allot of science you can get around KSC itself. So I made this vehicle with some instrumentation and also did some eva’s with sample gathering just around the base as well. I did this for career mode. Got over 120 science and quite allot of Kerb bucks too! I was able to start tier 4 because of that! Wooot!
  25. Thanks guys, ok now where did I put my Saturn V reference manual! The plans have been started! Woooot!