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  1. Hi, being so new here I may not have an idea if this is an ok question or in the right spot. Is the Apollo Applications Program still alive? I found it here... I see that it is a very old thread and may not be supported. As my name suggests, I would love to start to plan this type of KSP event and to at least have that awesome badge in my signature some day in the future. Everything about this challenge is so exciting to me. I still have a vision of 2 Kerbals stepping out onto the no Mun!
  2. Just got a passenger list the other day to bring 6 Kerbals into space. Honestly and no alteration to this guy but the game gave me one that was called "Luzer Kerman". I was almost afraid to board him onto my ship! LOL!!
  3. Last night I got this little jet running for some low altitude crew tasks for career mode. 1st time finding a tree as well. It runs really smooth now but these lading gears can be really sensitive. Still 3rd tier so the better ones are a ways away. Got a chute on it just in case.
  4. I have played a few games as well, some like NeverWinter, Guild Wars II and OSRS (runescape ) but playing this game for over a month now, (yea me new) its a game changer for me! If I had known about KSP 7 years ago, I would still be here now! Maybe I dont read that many gaming books I guess.
  5. Wow sorry for the delay, but I am very new here (and I did see you were from here a long time ago too!) Welcome back to the forum @Souper The best game ever!
  6. Sorry Im late, new here as well and Welcome to the forum @Ash Hightail.
  7. Welcome back @Austin Follmer !! I am new and love KSP as well. Good peeps here too.
  8. I am very new as well @SpaceDan67with only at best a month on KSP. Keep in touch, maybe post some things as well. Use the "@" sign and the name and it will beep that person also.
  9. I saw the Pad Abort Test of Boeing's Starliner a few hours ago and could not help but think of my old career startup test in KSP when I had the demo a while ago and finding out you could jettison the heat shield on the way down. LOL, I thought I was looking at my craft in this picture from today's actual Starliner test with a clip I copied from youtube. It was cool to see it, it really reminded me of us, (well most of us at the beginning of KSP, hehe).
  10. Hahaha! Wow, I would have hit the standing shuttle in a second with the way I fly at the moment! With power or not!
  11. This weekend I did a quick suborbit with 4 passengers using only 4 RT-10's solid fuels (as I already showed before), last night tho I did one with 6 passengers, with a use of mostly liquid fuels and a pair of small RT-5 flea's solids for another part of my career. Using that awesome LV-T45 "Swivel" engine I got to well over 135km into space as opposed to 110k. It was not the 6 G's of force of the earlier one but a nice comfortable 2 at most for this launch. One of my passengers already complained about it being too fast. His name is reprinted below with the passenger list. Valentina did not like him. Here is my spacecraft called the "Von Braun Express 7" on the launch pad. Got them down fine in the water but only had to make sure I got a slope of about 10 degree's or so at most. Here is the passenger list, with that very interesting character on board. (lol) He did not want to go to fast! Good thing he was not on the Solid rocket fuel ONLY ship!!
  12. Good luck @MPDerksen getting to those two planets! I am really new, just a bout a month now and will be looking to just get to the mun or minmus at most soon. To be honest Im just getting to the point of any kind of smooth circular orbit around Kerban. lol So right, to spend the time and learn it yourself! I think thats my plan also. Good luck and godspeed!
  13. Made a copy of the picture Nasa showed from the youtube video of the Antares rocket that happened yesterday. A 3d image of an altitude at 190km at that time before it went to people in the control room. Go Cygnus...
  14. Still a new KSP guy, I redid the career mode of this game (completed the simple ones in the demo). This latest release 1.8.1 has so many tiers. Looks like fun. Got to the third tier and was asked to bring 4 passengers into suborbital space. Made this simple rocket, 4 stages of RT-10 hammers. Yea, no liquid fuels in this run. Wanted to give my four passengers a small bit of a G-force on this launch. lol No one passed out with a light 7 g's but had to arc a bit to the east to make sure the cabin landed safely in the water. Had Jeb bring Dufen, Savey, Coroly and Newski into a 110km Ap to enjoy a bit of space for while in this simple machine. Now onto to get 3 surveys done, below 18km for more science this time. Maybe I'll make a jet to get there and save the rockets for higher stuff. See ya!
  15. Hi @Space Nerd or I should say whats up "Kerbal Nerd"!
  16. Thank you so much @Geonovast I did not know this was here.. cool! It was a great launch!
  17. Theres a small RC Helicopter in this game!! Sweet!
  18. Yes true he will be back, but be careful with the ones that "pass on" due to being K.I.A.! "Killed in action" like one of mine. Even here tho, if you can edit a special file, they can be brought back. It happened to me with Bill. Now tho, my cat seems to avoid him (lol)
  19. Hi fellow Kerbonauts! I have always loved space and rockets (as well as aircraft) and I am so sure most of you do as well. Through the years (though not lately) I have acquired many books about space and rocketry (I so love the design, history and even made a few flying model ones too). Rocketry itself or flying in general has always been a favorite of mine. Ok, space too of course! If you can show us some pictures of your space, rocket or aircraft books that you have collected or even mention ones that you have in your bookcase that would be awesome. Here is just a couple of mine: The one in the middle above is "The Space Transportation Systems Reference" by Christopher Coggon - editor Please dont be afraid to show or mention any ones you have as well. I actually use these to help me in KSP!
  20. Sorry Im late @Zedwardson I started at the beginning of Oct as well. On the Demo 1.0.0. Got the newer one now. Welcome back and I am sure you are seeing tons of great parts! I know I am. Man this is fun. Good luck!
  21. Oh thank you @SpaceDan67, I have seen a couple of Quill18's stuff but I watch most always now Scott Manley and Mike Aben's youtubes. They seem to be a bit more scientific based as well as into the game (not just a gamer) and I know Scott is a big supporter of KSP and is a Physicist as well. I think Mike is too. Sometimes though both of these guys can get into it so much you can loose them!! haha. Thank god for the pause key (k) and repeat! By the original post you did above (especially being into aeronautics and such), I know you will like them! I think there cool.