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  1. That is just awesome @jinnantonix!! I saved both this video as well as @tater stunning Artemis videos in my youtube addto's. Man this is going to be so cool!
  2. I think Jeb may have planned this, but Bill's father thinks it was my fault.
  3. Having grown up listening to them on television, it was the loudest launch I ever heard. So wish I could have seen 1 go up in and been there to watch it.
  4. Nice to meet you too @moritree! Welcome back to the KSP. Have fun!
  5. Welcome to the forum @Okhin. I was into Engineering as well. With KSP, it just makes sense!
  6. Welcome to the forum @SpaceDan67. I am new as well and just got 1.81 a couple days ago. KSP rocks!
  7. Welcome to the forum @TheKSPKerbalGuy! Yea I am new as well (for about a month now). KSP is just so awesome. These people here in the forum are awesome as well! Have fun!
  8. Oh Im sorry, when you said the TOS episode "monster" in your post, I had to actually look it up. Yea, monsters in TOS like the ones you mentioned were awesome for that time in the 60's. I grew up with them. (My memory tho had a bit of a rougher time, hehe)
  9. I recognize it, but I do not think any of the original 3 TOS seasons had any episodes with "monster" in it as a title. Either way the Diana looks really cool!
  10. It was the same for me except I was only running on the Demo 1.0.0 to 1.8.1 (yea I.m new here). 1st time to install a few mods as well, but no problems, but again, I am a beginner.
  11. Last night I was involved with the Killing of Bill Kerban. It was an accident, but who knows. If you want the detailed description of what happened, read it here (hehe) Happy Halloween Everyone!
  12. Ah in the persistent.sfs file. I just read about that a while ago. Hmm maybe if Jeb admits to Val that it was him! Ill bring him back. (hehe)
  13. I was hoping to see him with in a few hours. I read in the settings for this sandbox mode that he should be "Crew respawn timer" say in 2 hours by default. I changed to 1 hour this afternoon and still no Bill back in business after almost a day. Not sure what the respawn works really?
  14. (1.8.1) Well during the night I managed to Kill one of my engineers by accident! Bill Kerban is dead! Some say it was not my fault. Some do not agree. I know he is one of the least intelligent of the “original four” but It happened. This was not by a steep descent from some orbit or testing out a heavily maximized delta-V rocket engine but he was killed by walking under a rocket engine on the launch pad!! It was a mistake though and was NOT intentional. His father Buzz Kerman may not believe me but it was during the advanced testing of the Munar excursion module I was ma
  15. HAHA!! I did not know about Alt+F12! So I made my 1st Random name that just came up now! Thanks @Geonovast! (thanks also for the tip about cubeupload too in your sig.)
  16. Wow, I know I am biased with not much experience at the moment but 2 days ago I was using the KSP Demo for about a month. With some help from a friend I am now running KSP 1.8.1!! Sweet! Yea I know its like going from Von Braun's A4/V2 to the Saturn 5 but dang this is fun!! No problems yet cause Im barely touching it for 1 day! I will say tho that I was able to install CKAN tonight for the 1st time. Took a few hours to get used to it and have only Kerbal Engineer Redux 1171 installed on it but no problems with that as well. Awesome program to say the least. Both of them!
  17. Hi again Daf! Wow, you can use a double joystick for KSP? Who makes it. Sounds cool.
  18. OK, I have been playing KSP for almost a month now (quite new here) on the 1.0.0 demo and loving it but its very limited sandbox parts and short career mode tasks are almost done. A friend of mine who knew how much I loved this game (as well as this forum) made a very special surprise for me. Also that person knew I was waiting for a few months more to get it because of holidays. ************************************ He sent me the game as a gift on the steam website! Within an hour I had loads of rocket engines, aircraft parts and tons of other stuff! The complete packag
  19. Quite true, but I was more impressed by the amount of us online at the moment. Over 600 tho is alot of people interested in KSP. When ever I think about space travel and do a google, It usually brings me here now as well. Fun stuff!
  20. No I am exited! Congratulations with landing on the mun! I so want to do that as well. With the basic Apollo stuff in "Making History" DLC, I want to do the complete Apollo style landing as well someday soon. Very cool the way you made your own way to get there. I bet you felt like Aldrin and Armstrong when you arrived and planted the flag! Thanks so much. LOL, wow being new here I was wondering about that. Thanks for the link too! Funny how it talks about another one called Deep Space Cthulhu as well. haha! So much fun with this game.
  21. Wow thanks for the welcome and that looks awesome to get all those refinery modules to the mun. Cool stuff! What tho is a Kraken? Seen that mentioned a bit on this forum.
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