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  1. OK, I know this is not as powerful as you experienced players, with mods and other stuff, but please forgive me for being that Ive only played for about a month now and still using the demo version. I am having so much fun tho and wish to share what I did today. Finally got to 2500 m/s with the very minimal parts so far in my career mode task. It was not tuff to get to 2500, but when returning, I always blew up. More so with a straight up ascent but even arcing out to a longer distance was still an issue. I finally made it when I got rid of the mystery goo attachments. I did feel good tho to h
  2. Oh that is really cool! I may try that that. I was going to buy it online from KSP directly because I am not sure about other 3rd party people yet. Good to know tho because 1.7.3 looks like something I would really enjoy and invest in. This seems more than just a game as well and at this moment I dont need odd failing issues, so dependability while I learn is very important. I will be getting both DLC's as well!
  3. Being that I am so new to KSP and have seen great comments about version 1.7.3, I was looking at getting that soon. I have not purchased it yet, so can I ask for 1.7.3 and not get 1.8 for right now. Or am I in at that time where I will only get the latest release?
  4. Yes I know I am very new here. As far as what I see I do not believe KSP is dying IMHO. Even tho I have been on other various forums where some loss of interest is possible, some I have seen have maybe less than a dozen com-mentors (or at least viewer's), others a lot more, but here it amazes me. Looking at our KSP online people, I see this for today. WHO'S ONLINE - 124 MEMBERS, 4 ANONYMOUS, 686 GUESTS Man thats allot, at least to me! (-long live and prosper)
  5. I just started playing this program almost a month ago. I have never been so excited about a simulation program like this one... Ever! I am not a young guy as well and have written software and played so many games most all of my life. KSP 1.x! rules!
  6. Yup, reading about rockets and Nasa stuff will always happen with this in your mind.
  7. OK, now that Im seeing BSG and Thunderbirds stuff here.... Im sold! Man that Thunderbird 3 came out awesome!
  8. Yup I STILL have my Texas Instr. SR-50 and an HP-41CX I got a bit later for my electronics career I was doing back then. Both of the Nicad batteries have been thrown away tho but they still work with walwarts. The HP did stuff that was amazing for back in the day. I think the HP - 67 was the one that Steve Wozniac had to sell so he could help get the funds to start Apple computer get its feet of the ground. Man that was a nice calc. At that time the HP 41 came out so I just had to get it. HP was always so cool.
  9. Wow never heard of a Conic, but wiki'ing shows it was back in the mid 70's as well! It did use that famous General Instruments chip. Fun stuff here!
  10. Yea me too, but hey it was fun times. We always thought of games like this eventually! Man, KSP rocks!
  11. Yea I do, but at that time 1K bytes of RAM ( using eight 1K by 1's ) was expensive, so extending it even more cost some bucks. Even tho core was replaced some time before that, a few companies did sell core for the 6502 machines and made it available but they did not last long. Wow @VoidSquid you and I must have had the same grade school teachers! lol Yanoo now that I look back at this, the data structure for just the hair style of a Kerbal character would have filled most all of the memory in my old Kim 1! haha!
  12. This is an example of my 1st computer. Wrote a few programs for the college I was with at the time, teaching others what a microprocessor could do. There was no TV and the small keyboard was all I had to enter data. It was just a little bit better than what the Lunar Module had on board. Hunt the Wumpus anyone?
  13. Wow I did not know there were aircraft propellers in this game! Cool!! Also very cool design here.
  14. Wow really nice Starship. Have you got too, or landed on Minmus yet? Love the air-brakes and use of solar panels! BTW, just watched your video about KSP Career Mode Pt. 1! Being I just started career mode myself, so enjoying your example. Great tips as well! I will look at Pt 2 soon.
  15. I feel that Kerbals don't eat because they are so excited about space travel and building rockets. It makes them so happy they just dont have time for food! Getting into KSP for a few weeks now, I dont have time for it either...
  16. I did see this before I became a member here a few weeks ago but It was nice seeing it again! So reminds me of the awesome stuff done with KSP 1 and the new KSP 2. Wow this is so cool!! I will try to have both next year! Kerbals rule!!
  17. Welcome on board as well @PuffleFuzz I am very new alsol by a weeks. Love KSP! Have done a few career tasks as well and having so much fun. Wish I could figure out posting photos as well. If I find out I'll message you. Have fun building!
  18. Thank you so much @Starhawk Yes I got KSP - demo on the net here at the end of the summer. Took a while to get used to it but wow, awesome program. I will keep 1.8 in mind when I get to order the release (which I see looks great!). I have been watching old videos from Scott Manley on utube and man, the orbital stuff looks complex but I am sure with a bit of time Ill get it. The rockets are very basic in the demo but the career mode has you doing all sorts of stuff to build and use them as well as the contracts which makes it so much fun. Some tasks tho are very hard and control
  19. Agree with you so much about wanting a resin 3d printer..man that would be cool! My daughter tho got a Nintendo Switch from us last Christmas (would love that for myself) and not a cold for me ......... yet!
  20. Been here for about a week or so, still using the KSP Demo, having fun and so looking for the newest release I will be buying soon. Very cool forum!
  21. This kind of reminds me of Runescape. The issues with the NEW Runescape 3 was so disliked by the older people that grew up with RS in the early 2000's (I cant believe I said that) they kept the old version and called it OSR or Old School Runescape (like KSP 1.7 is now). These two were completely different game systems as well. This was so successful, OSR has more content and much more followers than ever before. I know from me being very new to KSP 1, I see much more with I can do with mods, an awesome game, in a cool solar system with its enjoyment and possible things I may be able to c
  22. Well still running the 1.0 demo (and its somewhat odd saving issues). I will be getting 1.7 in the very near future tho. Already wearing out the demo. I do have to say tho..man I am having fun. Even looked into the somewhat limited career mode of operation as well. Wow this program is so cool. The Kerbans are even growing on me.. Man they love space! With plotting courses and such. I will say tho to any beginner, take a look at orbital mechanics from back in high school. Maybe not the intense calculations needed to plot angular quantities as vectors or advanced concepts in gravitational l
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