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  1. Oh cool, I didnt know you could go back to prev versions, good to know.
  2. The final trip to the Sun for Erlo Well as of another trip (posted above ) where I brought 4 kerbals to land on Minmus, Erlo Kerman needed that trip too but the only one that also had to go around the Sun (Kerbol) as well by himself. This is his trip to the Sun in my rocket Basilia III. A three kerban capsule. I also did a swing by to Minmus for Tangee Kerman for an orbit but that was a quick jump on the way to Kerbals star. The missions for Erlo and Tangee: Valentina was the pilot again, but Sally Kerman had the week off. (yea no landings here, but the Basilia craft of mine, with great fuel tanks had the gear already) Erlo's trip is completed (wow I did need a bit more delta-v to get there) Thank you DvMap! Back to home: (lost two of the mono-propellant tanks on re-entry ... ahh yea.. I planned it that way, hehe) Not a bad ride for 250,000 kerbucks and two happy Kerbals!
  3. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Ok, I dont even know what to say here. (haha) Last weekend I just tested a bunch of stuff for my level 6 career parts contracts at once with a very unusual rocket! Engines at the bottom, engines at the top and engines all the way around... LOL!!! You may think its funny to see my capsule way down below this post, get into the water from space with an engine on top and test it, but I did it and was able to almost complete all my tasks. It still makes me laugh. Is that Cherenkov atomic engine in the wrong place??? Nope! What the. . . OK, Now Gene Kerman is really asking me to test stuff in funny ways, but hey.. It can be done.
  4. Welcome to the KSP forum @Outsoldier New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. What version of KSP did you get and from where? I am on 181 from steam and its great. Hope your having a good time starting this cool program.
  5. Yea, I knew this was coming with what we all do at the launch pad, but just wanted to make it clear to you all from my post above. Here is the best mod of all! At least for flying new rockets...
  6. Wow, That took my heart away, well done!
  7. Retro's Six Kerbal trip to Minmus Last night my career task was to bring 4 Kerbals to land on Minmus. Oh this was fun, so I grabbed my rocket called Basilia V got Valentina to pilot it and Sally Kerman to do some science and the 4 Kerbals that was needed. Erlo Kerman tho was the only one that had to go to the sun which I will do tomorrow. He also needed a trip to Minmus like the rest. I could have risked the trip to the sun as well, but this was the first time using that many Kerbals for me. I know it may take alot more energy to return to Kerban with that extended trip. Val and Sally boarded the Gemini capsule, the rest in the extremely comfortable passenger section. Here is the Kerbal passenger list: The Mission: 5.....4.....3.....2.....1.... LAUNCH! Orbit to Minmus has been made! Mission accomplished, KSC we have landed on Minmus Now back to our lovely planet Kerban: With that many Kerbals I made it home just fine, but around the sun I think I would have had issues. Erlo will stay in his spacesuit and tomorrow night, he will see an orbit around our star! The other 3 Kerbals funded me very well for this trip.
  8. A force of 276 g's!! ahhhh poor Jeb, I am sure he never felt a thing.
  9. Oh yea I was able to accept it anyways because I know it was from you, but I just didnt know why it didnt happen before in case you needed some kind of other type of names or something in your code for this one. It works fine. I only passed this along here to help you. Best program ever!
  10. Too much screen time buddy! Go grab some of your R/C gear and fly some aircraft or even launch an estes's (or even better an Aerotech) rocket!! Go get some sun!
  11. Yup same happened to me yesterday. I have installed ckan many times before this and never saw that message with my virus checker.
  12. Just do not step on a butterfly tho!
  13. Wow very cool use of kos Rizzo! I just started with kos and happy to just get my rocket off the ground and into orbit, lol!
  14. Making a ship in the VAB and spending a bit of time with it and also rearranging the staging as appropriate. Adding something new and forgetting to check the staging again, couple more parts and finally jumping to the lunch pad quickly for a launch. Seeing that I messed up the sequence or a parachute in the wrong place and changing it there. Finally ready for the launch, seeing it fly and all of a sudden a rocket fires off at the wrong time... darn. Hit the escape key and get back to the VAB. Oh noooo!! Its all the same and the work I did on the launch pad was useless. Now what did I do before, what was changed? That to me is my quirky habit that I do all the time. Soon I hope one of our mod developers will make something to save our settings at the launch pad.
  15. Can you change my username to "Retro Starship" note:without the quotes Thank you
  16. Very cool mission here @capi3101 Please excuse my noob-ness here tho but what is that reddish glow around your rocket. I see there is some very tiny text underneath it that may explain it, but having this on my small tablet on my lap, I cannot read it.
  17. (1.8.1, DLC's [MH & BG], some basic mods) Well, you may not remember (who does in this topic, with so much stuff) but I landed my 1st time on Minmus a few days ago and posted it, but stayed there over night. I got as much science as I could and headed home. First time with a longer trip back as well. I have done many Mun fly byes but not out as far as Minmus. Not really that far out but again, 1st for me, so I was not sure of the trip back. Made it back with tons of fuel too and had really no problems. Here is the trip back: (see you later Minmus!) Close to home now, so I got rid of the extra tanks/landing legs. Freaked me out at first but it was just the extra mono-propellant I had hanging on the side. No need for it now anyways. Hmm, I wonder if the Kayak posters know about this place. A very tiny lake! Jeb wanted to go for a swim, but Gene wanted the Minmus report on his desk by the end of the day so back to KSC now. Wow, got tons of science, You cant beat that trip, at least for the 1st time!
  18. (1.8.1, DLC's [MH & BG], some basic mods) I have been doing so many missions in career, both with two KSP installs lately I have amassed 1.5G of images. Man I love this space program. Here is one I did just recently. My mission was to bring 4 Kerbals and 1 VIP Kerbal into an orbit around space and orbits around the Mun. And return them safely to Kerban: Henlan, Kenvan, Leke, Leo and Katdard had an awesome time flying by the Mun. I think Valentina was the Pilot here but I have done so many missions lately I dont remember. lol
  19. So looking forward to watching this. Count me in with your efforts.
  20. Yes as a matter fact, when DocSkilz built his ship he said it was ugly, but to me (still very knew with KSP by 3 months or so) I replied to him "yup very ugly but practical". I saw him getting to minmus with left over fuel so yea, that was the ship for me, especially for my 1st landing! The V2 does not look like the Saturn vehicles but they both are very practical. To me tho, both of them are so cool looking and part of my soul. I just really had so much fun doing that, so the Mun and beyond is next. With rockets that are beautiful or dumb!
  21. (1.8.1, DLC's [MH & BG], some basic mods) First and foremost I not only made it with an orbit around minmus but landed on it for the very 1st time! WOOOT! The only landing I have ever made as well, since I started to enjoy this space program for a little over 3 months now. The past few days I have been watching videos by a cool KSP player called DocSkilz. He was in a hard mode play and built a ship to bring him to minmus. I was almost at the same tier as he was so I built mine very similar to his with about the same Delta V and structure for this 1st time ever mission for me. I put a bit more dv into it myself just to be safe, being still a bit clumsy. He named his spacecraft Basilia after some names he got from a D&D reference, so to honor his mission, I called mine Basilia 2. Last week I got a contract from Gene Kerman to bring only Jebediah around minmus for only 1 orbit and come home. So being that this video was so close to my contract, I decided to try and land Jeb on minmus as well, get science and plant my 1st flag on another world. Here is the mission with Jeb flying Basilia 2 to minmus. Thanks Doc for all your help. Finally got to minmus. Mission objective achieved! Drifting forward just a little bit; that's good. Contact Light, Shutdown, Okay. Engine Stop. KSC, Basilia 2 has landed! “That’s one small step for a kerbal, one giant leap for kerbalkind.”
  22. @KerrMü Wow awesome Orion III Space Clipper!
  23. No it was Dave Bowman's final words, not Bowie. Just sayin...