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  1. (KSP-1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, a few basic mods) Last night I got what looked like a simple contract to launch an engine near the mun. Only to escape, so not a landing on it or even getting close. Did not know it was this engine shown below that I needed to "Haul" up to the mun! Mammoth should have clued me in tho, but I did not read what Gene Kerman gave me until I got to the VAB. - - - Yikes! The S3 KS-25x4 "Mammoth" Liquid Fuel Engine is a liquid fuel engine with four nozzles. It is currently the most expensive part and the most powerful engine available in th
  2. Banned because I banned myself many posts ago! here ------- /\
  3. I have stream and your right @fulgur and they are in the screenshots folder in the main Kerbal Space Program folder. I also use the free web program called IrfanView to open them up and post them into the free image website called cubeupload. May seem like alot @michaelbezos1 but worth the try. BTW, I saw your work on the Comanche-3 rocket on your website and it looks really nice. I hope you will have a great launch with it.
  4. “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”– Leonardo DaVinci
  5. “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”– Leonardo DaVinci
  6. (1.8.1, dlc's [MH & BG], some basic mods) Well last night I did two missions. One with my newly upgraded aircraft called Nitengale III and one simple mission to the mun for some science. The science task was simple and to the Mun seemed a bit out of the way so I took one Kerbal that only needed a sun-orbit around Kerban for the trip to our neighbor satellite. I know Gene Kerman is going to doc me for bring a passenger to the Mun when only a suborbit was need but hey, Liszon Kerman did not mind a free trip to the Mun on KSC's kerbucks. Nitengale III mission: Valentina an
  7. Wow I tried them all tonight! Thanks peeps! alt F4 seems like a great way to get out quick and get the current "Backups" folder (as @Geonovast mentioned) with the previous persistent file. Rename, and set it back up (while saving the current one aside, just in case) and your all set to go. I knew about the persistent file by itself in saves but not what the backups did to save a kerbal from KIA! So cool. Testing SAVES mod is cool as well and has great features for extended save functions. All just great tools for making a Kerbal mission a happy one. From Jebs last task even he wants to
  8. May the force be with you and good luck!
  9. Banned for putting a Ban the user link about banning a user...
  10. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) OK, for last nights endeavor all I had to do was to fire off a tiny Flea booster in orbit. Not hard and with all the extra engines and stuff at level 5 of career, I had everything to do it. To make it fun I wanted to try an experiment tho. Instead of 3 or 4 massive boosters to get to orbit with a small liquid engine I wanted to play around with a top down approach with eight hammers. One on top of the other. Just to see! It was a fun launch as well. Here is my rocket called Orbiter 3: Yea, at 5131m/s of delta
  11. Oh great stuff! Thank you @Geonovast, @amarillo114 and @5thHorseman. I will try them today. One time a while ago I upgraded the VAB and shouldn't have during a career run, so when I went in to make more rockets I was stuck for a long time with no kerbucks. Yea math would have helped, or maybe a yes/no warning being I was so knew at that time, so a re-save for that day would have been perfect to try that sequence all over again, not to mention killing a few Kerbal once and a while too. I do really hate that when it happens.
  12. So true, so true, lost my mom and dad to that. So glad I saw them in concert, best band and drummer... ever!
  13. Yup I think you are right. I am not talking about any one else but I think many here agree with that as well. Looking forward to KSP2 and really having both.
  14. OK, I know about the escape dialog and saving or opening files that are saved with the F5 button and such, but is there a global way to copy some kind of a save file for the day or session? I think I heard someone mention that if you did something silly like spend to much for an upgrade, make a mistake in the mission building or loose a dozen Kerbals and such you could quit the game and restore some kind of saved session if you did that before going into ksp.
  15. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) OK this really had me laughing last night. Not so much the 1st picture but the second one. Yea many times we have all put out the chute and landed on the engine and it stood straight up but the last one got me. It was our usual, get rid of the 1st stage and it crashes to the ground with a very loud bang as you go up with the capsule. It did not crash and I could see from my capsule (still descending) that the 1st stage was standing up!! Dude this thing had no parachute. Yea I know it was the wider base Corgi I was testing a
  16. Wow you guys have some awesome Atlas docs. Thank you both for sharing! (noticed the end of one of them is by Quest. Is that from the old rocket company that was making some cool models from back in the day?
  17. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Last night for the 1st time I showed my daughter the KSP game I have been playing. She is an even worse nerd than me. So I got her into a stock craft and let her go to town with basic instructions to at least get her of the ground. Then to orbit and even showed her how to get Jeb to do an EVA and float around. To my astonishment, after she got used to the controls in just a few seconds, she was flying by herself with no problems at all and boarded back into the capsule in just a few minutes. This was something I am still ge
  18. Got an OK gaming windows machine with 16Gig. I have no lag at all tho and I have heard many peeps talking about that with slower machines with low ram. I am on for about 6 to 8 hours at a time tho, so yea I play a bit much with this awesome program. So to me a crash here or there with a bunch of non-sqaud developers making extensions makes sense. From what I understand there are a bunch of older mods whose people have left and are loaded with a few bugs here or there, especially with improvements with upgrades like 1.7.3 to 181.
  19. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Last night just a quick hop into a sub-orbit to test some of my new Cryogenic engines for the level 6 career Im doing. Yea just two tests, one a "Ulysses" CE-2X Cryogenic and a big decoupler at around 48000m. Had a Ulysses at the bottom too. A really fun ship!!
  20. I am very knew here and have been on 1.8.1 for a few months only. I have around 50 mods on mine and other than a few crashes It seems very fast and smooth to play. Some days Im fine with no problems at all. Usually I crash after many many hours of play, and if I crash at all, when I do, what I was doing is always fine when I get back. Seems fine to me knowing the incredible complexity of this simulator. It amazes me to see so many things happening at once and the detail still blows my mind.
  21. Have not tried PBC, but thanks for that tip. Ill try it soon and Unkerballed is great. Me (still being very knew with KSP) I have done the kerbalism 3.1 mod and Kerbal Construction Time. Both of these make me feel what it would be like to actually do space at Nasa or SpaceX. They can test your ability tho to put up with issues like keeping your kerbals alive, watch out for radiation and food, Reports and EVA times and failures, put up with rebuilding your launchpad and the times it takes to do stuff. To me that approaches what it would like to be an astronaut or dare I a real Kerbonaut! lol
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