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  1. Very awesome pictures and I love the Buffalo-Mun rover!
  2. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Last night I created a new very odd rocket. One I call "Shell Squared" aka as Cryer 6 for it having cryogenic engines. Why such a funny name? First ever contract to try bringing two air stream protective shells on the same launch. One small shell inside another surrounding the capsule. Here is a pic: Not sure if I will get an error similar to one where you have a parachute inside a protective shell and when you launch it nothing happens. This makes sense but I thought the explosion may cause issues with one inside the other. It did not, so here is the mission. Please note, the capsule also has a pair of small hardpoints which makes it look kinda like a batman tool or something.. lol Mission of the Shell Squared launch. Here is the staging of the inner 1.875 shell. (hmm no issues with it at all, only the noise) Now the outside 3.75 shell and bang, all worked well. Now I need to align myself to make sure I am getting towards land for the last test. Ok lets go home for the test. Hello Batman! (hehe) All tests done, thank you Valentina!
  3. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, a few basic mods) Well finally I got a few Mun missions to bring a few tourists near the Mun and a quick experiment in space. Getting my feet wet to get near the Mun and most important bring back Valentina, Barbart (hmm must be related to that Simpson character), Tanbert and Mausy kerman. Last nights mission:
  4. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) As luck would have it, last night I got (not 1) but 2 contracts to bring 2 Kerbals over the south pole to exactly the same locations. With this I could do both Kerbals at the same time with 1 rocket. This being a day away from Merry Kristmas it was another great chance to celebrate that holiday all over again. Man Kris Klaus Kerman is gonna fill our Kristmas tree with so many rocket models. So to make this even cooler I added a few more contracts as well for the whole trip making it 6 contracts to do at the same time. One tho would have to be where I landed so it may not have been possible with "on land" or "on water". All depended which place I ended up. Here is the mission with Valentina bringing Roske Kerman and Trifal Kerman over the south pole. Merry Kristmas everyone! Look... its snowing! So from the Orbiter T35 spaceship (and from Val, Roske and Trifal), have a very happy holiday and peace to you all.
  5. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, a few basic mods) Headed off to do a contract task for some pressure readings near the south pole. Flew by "Victoria Falls" which is a great vacation place for Val & Bill Kerman, I have been told. Accidentally flew by this area as @Castille7 mentioned it once to me here. Got 3 readings done with no problem in flight and flew back to KSC for a somewhat ok landing with my newly designed jet called "Nitengale II". (<- yes spelled that way on purpose) (Sorry for the dark images. Always seem to get these lately.)
  6. I read what @Castille7 was talking about as he showed the picture of the mountain and water area, similar to what was shown in this image down below. I found it purely by accident (and got a clip of it) as I was heading off to do a contract task for some pressure readings near the south pole. It was fun to see it and think of what we are not supposed to talk about. (hehe) I think @Hotel26 named this "Victoria Falls" in another part of this thread. Cool name! To me this will be a great vacation place for Val & Bill Kerman.
  7. I am running 1.8.1 but for the sake of keeping track of my mods, I use KSP - AVC (Add-on Version Checker) which has a great startup screen of mods your using and a "Copy to Clipboard" menu so you can keep track of them in txt format. If I need too upgrade later, make a new install, or share with others, I have that list.
  8. A few ships here that I created and one given to me.
  9. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Nothing to crazy for last night. Just tested some parts, a Valiant engine and the tiny Twitch engine on splash down. So funny because Val got one heck of a spinning ride when I activated the Twitch! LOL!!
  10. When I do my contracts and land with a parachute, I like to rotate the capsule to the front door for sunshine. I do this In case I need to do an EVA's for samples and such. I forgot I had it in full warp mode. The capsule rotated so fast, it snapped the chute cord off and It descended to the ocean (really fast) and blew up with the Kerbal inside. No I did not do this on purpose. It was an entire mission I lost as well, with no saves.
  11. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Yesterday I got a contract to have Kathely bring Johnbree Kerman over the south pole for the holiday festivities. I know what your thinking, its the north pole here for this holiday. Not so in Kerbal land. In the land of Kerban they are looking to have a very Merry Kristmas this week. Years ago a kerbal named Kris Klaus Kerman (who was an extraordinary rocket scientist and also known as Santa Klaus) was a very giving person. With his kindness to others and his love of rocketry, he made a secret rocket that could go so fast, he could deliver his gifts to all the children in Kerban in one night. Those gifts were small models of rockets. (what else?) We have no Idea about the rocket. It is just faster than even warp time with your "." key. He and his wife, Mrs. K and a few people from JPL, lived at the bottom of the south pole and wanted to see people, that liked him, fly over as a celebration of this day of giving. They all set up telescopes to watch this as well. Some say, Kris would make enough models for everyone that appreciated him by flying over the sky. They called this the kerbal list. Here is the mission of that flight. Just over the South pole.. somewhere up there is Santa K! Home sweet home. Well I know one of those gifts is for the ride Kathely Kerman gave him. Where did they come from though?? I know....
  12. (1.8.1) Last night I needed to bring two tourists (Barttrey & Staski Kerman, a lovely couple) into orbit and fire off a structural pylon at 90,000m into space. For the pylon I rotated them to look like a pair of downward wings even though this is not an issue for flight but looks cool. The CoM attributes with them though were fine with it being up higher, so the launch worked just fine for that test in low space. What is funny tho, about this is that one of the kerbals (Jeb) looks a bit blocked out in this entire mission. For some reason the connection of the Mk1 capsule to the Mk2-b pod (with the missing history mod) for two kerbals seems like the problem. Not sure tho. The Mk1 by itself has never had a black image over the kerbals face. Who knows? The large Mk1-3 Command Pod could have taken all three of us (as well as the Gemini one, in a way) but with my level 5 of career I did not have the Mk1-3. It worked fine though, he could still control the ship for the whole mission. Ok a fine orbit, now to glide up to and around the 90,000 - 100,000m area to test the pylon. The pod activation height is almost there... Now stage it!!!! Job done, lets go home! Home sweet home, now KSC come and get us. Jeb did not see anything because of the black screen in front of him but Mr. Barttrey & Miss Staski Kerman had alot of fun together...alone... in there Mk2b pod... alone... with no one watching. Hmmm I wonder if they even looked out the window to even view Kerbal at all? This we shall never know.
  13. I have 2 KSP's installed, one with a simple career mode with just a few basic mods, and one with a few dozens mods including Kerbalism and KCT) So career contracts with life like realism are my favorite (at this time) way to play. Even though its aggravating to have Val or Jeb go out to fix a malfunctioned engine in space, to me that is more like the way things would happen. I play both of those modes every day! When I need a break away from career contracts, I usually spend a bit of time in sandbox mode.
  14. R.I.P. Chadney. You were a great pilot & Kerbonaut. The memorial looks awesome by the way! <sniff> done in a perfect fashion <sniff>
  15. (1.8.1) Well this weekend I did some really odd like contracts for 1 of my career games. (Yes I know I am silly but I have 2 KSP's installed, one with a simple career mode with just a few basic mods, and one with a few dozens mods including Kerbalism and KCT) I play both of them every day! OK, so I got this collection of 5 contracts where 3 of them are with engines. I call this rocket the "STC Explorer" Testing the "Spark....Twitch....Cub" Engines. (STC!) The Twitch was easy but the Spark and Cub had some hard timings so I even had to rely on a save game to get the speed timing correct but finally got home with all 5 done. Notice below (and above) with the Spark and Cub, I had to get the speed correct within the 60Km area of thrust and had to rely on a save to do it a couple times while throttling the thrust. Man this was a tuff one. In the spoiler, I just show the cool firing of the Spark engine to get me over the water. But as usual Val always succeeds when I have her do these missions.
  16. Even though not space related, I found this awesome book (I got from Barnes & Nobles a while ago) that is just great for 100 years of aviation from the Smithsonian air & space museum. 440 pages too and cool pictures. Just added in the table of contents. If you look near the bottom it does talk about space as well! Maybe I will read it soon. It does look great and full of very interesting topics along with the very large images.
  17. (1.8.1) Had only a simple level 4 career contract with some brand new parts. One is the famous panther jet engine. So into the plane hanger for a quick mod for a new aircraft design. Simple but useful. Put 3 panthers into the new cockpit, one on top for the altitude test and tried it. No I couldn't get it up to this specified height of 11000m. Maybe barely but never past 330m/s for the speed. So lets put a couple tiny solid rocket engines up in front for a ... little boost! (hehe) (Put 2 TR-10 Hammers next to the front tire.) Here we go.. Jeb and Bill into the cockpit seats and into the air at 100m/s or so... then they got it up to a good angle and BANG! hit the rockets!!!! The top Panther was used for the contract test at 11000m, so it did not give me any added thrust but the middle back 3 and the front 2 solid rocket Hammers got me to that altitude and a nice cool 15000 meters or so to top it off. Val probably would have gotten higher but it was her day off last night.
  18. Yea Haynes makes some great books. Even though I should have these (as well as the Shuttle one), I do not. Here is one that Haynes makes for the best (classic) rocket ever.... So these are on my wish list as well. Thanks for reminding me to mention this to my wife or my daughter... lol
  19. They are all fantastic for KSP and making it more interesting on so many levels. To write the code for this simulation engine is amazing, but to write this stuff AND pickup from what other modders did is just outstanding.
  20. I watch "Mike Aben" almost every day. A very cool KSP guy, but a teacher as well and has a great "Let's Do The Math" section. With us KSP people, almost being very close to rocket science with this simulation program, I think that is very important to us as well.
  21. Last night, a very cool re-entry with an awesome shuttle!
  22. (1.8.1) Just joking last night, and in my career mode, I decided to try a few of the simple parts that stock career has been giving me so far. So I made a ship called "Funny Joe 1" to blast into space and return... "safely"! It was not any contract, just a break away from those tasks, kinda like sandbox but only the stuff in level 4 of career. I look at this ship similar to the "Little Joe 1" Mercury rocket that was made back in the 60's. Got to 98km as well. Jeb, Bill and Bob had a great time, remembering those old days back at Nasa. Hmmm I wonder why the balance of that craft has not taken over the chuts? Shouldn't it be pointing Whats funny is that I didnt think of that Mercury test ship until just setting this up on the forum today. I just made it to have fun. Here is a wiki pic I found of it. Little Joe 1 launch vehicle with Mercury capsule, August 1959
  23. Theres a beauty in this I just cant explain. All in all tho, love your entire "out of sands' series. Reminds me of the things they did back at White Sands in 1946 after we got von braun on board. Cool stuff!
  24. Wow guys! All of you above me are making some seriously awesome starships and multiwheel crafts! Me, still a beginner, I'll put my lame rockets up with a plane here or there but I do love to show it. Why..Its fun! Its all good, I just love this game (no.. not a game, its a starship simulator) and all your creations too! KSP is just awesome. (1.8.1) Last night, I got 4 new career contracts. One tho is very cool. I have to bring a Kerbal named "Sizer Kerman" into space for 1 hour. I did one like this before and ran short of electricity, but this one is different. I have no solar panels yet, but I do have "capacitors"! Being into electronics most of my life I had fun with this. It was great, it saved me for power and I show here shortly how it works. Just like a cap! Here is the mission of my spaceship called "Double Trouble". Yes as you can see its 10 degrees tilted off towards the southeast. Easy way to get there too during ascent and an upcoming contract issue. 5...4...3...2...1... blastoff!!! Start of the orbit. No problem to get above 75,000m! Over half way there for a 1 hour ride. Electricity is dropping fast tho. The Capacitor and trouble!! Everything done, time to go home! Sizer Kerman had fun in space, she'll tell her friends about it. oohhh, dont forget to deploy the heat shield! Home sweet home. Not bad for 25,000 kerbucks and a point of rep. Between Kerbal construction time, Kerbalism and extra contract packages, this game gets very challenging if not real life like as well. I would also recommend getting KRASH too. It sets up a simulation for your test before a final build, so KCT does not get bogged down building things and waiting. Like I said, more realistic.