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  1. (1.8.1) OK, now to switch over from a KSP career with no Kerbal Construction Time to this one with it. Now I need to "Kick off Space Tourism" and I have to bring Tito Kerman into space for 4 hours. So into orbit he goes. (Note, this pic is one from the simulation image with Jeb. Afterwards, Val finishes the mission.) Val seems to take alot of vacations and when Jeb does too, your always stuck with the engineers. Thank goodness there were none here. Here Val does her thing and gives Tito a tour he cant imagine. What does "No vessel currently matching parameters" mean..anyways? I finished with no problem. Eject engine and return home..
  2. Wow again, this whole rocket is just so well done @CobaltWolf!! Even the Explorer is just so cool (forgive me tho, I am new, where is the Dev Stream?)
  3. (1.8.1) Well cool, just got a contract to go around the mun and take some science samples. Loved it and my 1st time ever near the mun. (well one where I was able to come back as I used a Gemini like capsule with tons of batteries on board. Still want to have some solar panels soon. Also, remembering to shut off my SAS during my flight to Kerbans satellite would have been a good Idea as well. Only had Kerbonaut Val to do it alone even tho there was another seat. I decided at the last minute that I did not want the extra weight for the 1st flight to the Mun. Got close and also 20 sci for just the two samples. Hmm, electricity looks a bit low? And an easy ride home with barley enuff electricity. (Didnt I say something about turning off SAS!!)
  4. Wow, now youtube is just throwing darts! They really need better management!
  5. It was one of my career contracts. I was (and still am) a noobie with KSP. It was to put a Kerbal into orbit for 30 Days. Just getting into orbit myself, I did that. I saw how slow it was for time passing even with the time warp, so I kicked up to the max. it went to 96 days or so. When I looked to return with a re-entry, I saw there was NO kerbal in my capsule. No one was there at all. Hmmm, I aborted that task quickly.
  6. (1.8.1) Man I love this game. Now I got some real stuff happening! A bit disappointing but as we know from some real rocket launches things can go wrong. Had 2 career tasks to do. 1) Get into orbit to test a protective shell. 2) Land into a splashdown area for a minor decoupler test. (very easy) Got the shell done with a very nice orbit at 330,000m or so (as was needed by the contract) Then... BANGG!!! Was doing a re-entry maneuver back into a nice place near the ocean for the last test and my engine MALFUNCTIONED! Had at least 20% more of fuel as well to do it. Fortunately the maneuver just got below the 70km area before it stopped, so I was able to get Val home but only into a land area, not the ocean as I was planning for the last test. I had enuff fuel to pick anywhere really but no... it.... stopped. Here is the mission. 1st time ever seeing a yellow engine! I knew I was trouble... Got Val home, but not near any splashdown area but only on land. No problem, I did it later for the TT38 decoupler but like in real life, parts can go bad, especially rocket related ones. It could have been worse. Val could have been (lost in space)!
  7. I have a similar task and it says "no vessel currently matching parameters", but my rocket is fine, I have a capsule for me and the "onion" for my passenger. It even puts him in the onion at the launch site too. It stays blue no matter what. I am using 1.8.1 and have had no problems with other career tasks but with this tourism plus it is my 1st time with any tourism at all. The info just like @BTAxis has in his picture is the same as mine. What does that mean tho? What is the parameter of the vessel expecting? Is it a type of capsule, multiple seats? I dont know.
  8. Yes very true, if your looking at anything past 280db its the world ending as we know it or close to it! I would expect massive rockets like the Saturn 5 and such to be anywhere from the high 100's to the low 200's. But really the inverse square law has to apply here. If your 3 miles away from a Saturn 5 its very loud, next to it a 3m, your eardrums are gone assuming you could survive the rocket exhaust. *************** 191dB 1 lb. bomb or grenade at blast epicentre 195dB Human eardrums rupture 202dB Death from sound wave (shock) alone. 210.6dB Earthquake Richter scale equivalent 2.0 213dB Sonic boom generates approximately 1.2 gigawatts power equivalent 215dB Space shuttle launches exhaust, approximately 3 miles per second 215dB Battleship New Jersey firing all 9 sixteen inch guns 216dB Equivalent to a piston engine cylinder with a 9 to 1 compression ratio 235.19dB Earthquake Richter 5.0 or 31,624 tons of TNT 243dB Largest non-nuclear explosion ever, 1947 explosion in pedant u-boat pens used 7100 tons of explosive 248dB Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, August 6th & 9th, 1945. Total disintegration of 16 square miles, wind was around 300 miles per hour, destroyed 28” thick concrete walls at 1 mile distance. Leaving a crater 633 feet wide and 80 feet deep. 286dB Mt. Saint Helens volcanic eruption 310dB Krakatau volcanic eruption 1883. Cracked one foot thick concrete at 300 miles, created a 3000 foot tidal wave, and heard 3100 miles away, sound pressure caused barometers to fluctuate wildly at 100 miles indicating levels of 190db at that distance from blast site. Rocks thrown to a height of 34 miles.
  9. Thanks @linuxgurugamer I have 181 also and look forward to trying it soon. Yanno, after watching your twitch again over the weekend, I have to give you a major thumbs up. With all the mods you are making and redoing from others that you took on, you went out of your way to help a beginner on line, in real time, to help that person out with a basic re-entry problem. Not just a quick reply, but built a ship like theirs and did a step by step example to help them. Wow, well done!
  10. Banned because I said "To the Mun Alice, too the Mun!"
  11. (1.8.1) Nothing too extreme last night other than 4 contracts done at once. Jeb did a parachute, a protective shell, launched a flea booster and tested a decoupler. Hmm Jeb is an OK kerbonaut but it seems Valentina always does more and has better success! What is it about that girl?
  12. (1.8.1) Well I got a contract that needed over 2140m/s before entering space!! Yikes. Thats gonna need some power. So I made this rocket called the Delta9000! Yup, eight Moar BACC boosters to do it! (fortunately not controlled by HAL9000, but my favorite kerbonaut of all time... Valentina)! Count down in 10 seconds.............. Need to run a test on the heat shield at 2140m/s at 58,000m to 69,000m. Nope, no edge of space here. BTW: The 0.625m heat shield tested is under the Nose cone... Hmmm.. for shielding going up! (Got a 1.25m shield for going down as well for the return trip) 5...4....3...2...1.. launch! Now get rid of extra weight! Just got too 58km high and the speed just barely made it.. (Note: Orbit is shown, not Surface, which is a bit less for surface, which threw me at 1st but came up quickly to match it afterwards) Done!! Success at 60,891 with 2140m/s (Surface!! Not Orbit as shown) Look at how hot the nose cone got over the heat shield! . Also Val is still alive as well! Whew, that was a close one. Any faster and I would have cooked her. ------> DeltaV for this was 4486m/s with 8 BACC thumpers and a powered LV-T45 "Swivel". (She got over 15G's on this ride. It was pegged too!)
  13. Hi @OnkelMatze197 I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and love it. Really fun but at 1st a little intimidating. You really need to realize that kct is about time management with your rockets and aircraft. The interface may seem confusing but after a few launches you'll get it. You will use time warp alot but thank god tho, it saves waiting which would not be fun. What it does for me is that it puts a much more challenging part to it and very interesting with the details (like kerbalism). Its what may be a true way to look at space flight issues and what it takes to get there. I never did like, you push a button go there, flip a toggle go here. I like to be apart of the action. All three work together for me with no problem and I am on KSP 1.8.1
  14. (1.8.1) Managed to get 5 contracts done at the same time last night. (kinda) Mhe.. could have done it with two trips faster with a much quicker ride but using the Kerbal Construction Time mod now, you want to bang as many as you can at once. Had to redo this one over again tho, cause I did not have any chutes left to get home. (hehe) Even tho you cant see it, I now put an unused MK2 chute on the other side of the capsule for the second time. For that 1st time, I didnt, had all 5 done, but the ride back was... uhh kinda bad! lol!! So reverted back to the shop and got it right the second time. Not very efficient but so much fun.
  15. Wow thats cool.Yea I do many long distant career tasks (still very new with ksp tho) and love to play around with planes (as well as rockets) to get those contracts. What is the area there @Castille7?? Is there some coordinate system or some visual state, country or what ever to those places. Maybe some mod keeps track of that, I dont know really. Always I say, I went out to the far east or something,. lol.
  16. I just love getting to the next continent as fast as possible. (altho time warp helps it too, lol)
  17. Redo the mod type of career modes. I am doing the one you finished (just started last month) and the modded one now as well.
  18. Wow! What a brilliant design! Just awesome!
  19. (1.8.1) Sometimes its nice to get 3 contracts done at the same time. Did this one last night and even had one where I did 4 at once. Hard tho thinking about it during a flight with so much happening especially with altitude and speed issues. So much fun with gliding though!
  20. Welcome back to KSP forum, @DeadJohn!