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  1. Now this is why everyone around the planet is walking around with a cell phone attached to their hands!! Oh noo not true. It's around Kerban and cell phones have not been invented yet! Kidding aside @B15hop, wow that is quite alot of launches no less orbital maneuvers, just awesome really.
  2. Did quite a few long distant low level air ship career contracts last night. Decided to come home rather than the typical "Recover Vessel" mode and started back. No sooner than I got half way home, my small plane started really over heating and I had to crash into the water. Did a "Recover Vessel" then and got back with all my science, lol Valentina's hands are still warm from all the excitement.
  3. Is this on the Mun? Or is at a mod of some kind?? Very cool either way. Also love your prop and jet 4 passenger planes as well!
  4. You just cant beat an A4 and a sounding rocket to start a cool series. Man that V2 is cooL!
  5. Ahh no problem. When I read back at it, it did seem a little verbose for just a name suggestion. Yea thats me these days, sometimes I explain so much, I even confuse myself. lol!
  6. Just a new name for your mod (is that what your asking for?)
  7. IMHO It seems to me to be saving alot of group type situations @linuxgurugamer, how about just a simple "Group Save" or "Group Revert". With staging its just a bunch of sequencing tasks or groups as well.
  8. Banned for being attached to an "Object Identifier"
  9. Awesome artwork, writing and use of very cool rocket creations. Well done so far.
  10. Well not much last night except for a load of parachute testing in my career mode. Maybe the company that makes parachute's got some bad news from Boeing recently. (sorry but I just had too, lol)
  11. 14000+ foot Tandem Skydive out of my capsule.. what a fun ride!
  12. Did a little redesign of my express bus for orbital tourism around Kerban last night. A bit more Delta-V for 4 passengers and myself. I call it The Von Braun Express II rocket. Nice and smooth, with much more DV in orbit so I can chase after other contracts floating around the planet and I actually got 3 of them in one flight and returned home with a lot of science.
  13. "I have come to the conclusion that life in the Antarctic Regions can be very pleasant." -The Discovery expedition
  14. This is funny. Even being very new here I found some areas with in this game where he is mentioned in a career mode contract.
  15. That book still scares me. It was the book we had for our graduation class too!
  16. Hehe! yea so was me getting my books about 1984 and my references to those large faceless organizations!
  17. Well trying my 1st tribute to the project Gemini program from the early 60's (well 1961 to 1966) was tried very quickly last night. I also needed a break away from career mode and to play around more with sandbox parts. I was going to attempt the Mercury program at 1st, but allot of programs like the V2, Jupiter-C rocket, vanguard and so on are still something I am going to try along with the Apollo missions. To start, the Mk2 Command Pod Gemini capsule was easy to play around with along with the Making history stock dual engine LV-TX87 "Bobcat" and an odd construction of the Titan II rocket. Please be gentle with me, this was a one night experiment for my 1st try at this. hehe, I am, after all, only 2 months old...ksp wise. Well here is shown my 1st attempt at this and it was successful even without any saves! A good launch of my Gemini 1 rocket, three complete orbits, and a smooth landing on the dark side of kerban. I just love seeing that ablator melting. Only Jeb was in the capsule even though Gemini 1 and 2 were tests with no one on board. Gemini 1 though was destroyed on purpose on re-entry in real life so 1 and 2 were just that..tests. Both came back without any pilots. (I told Jeb, dont worry, your coming home). Please note: No accuracy here is maintained. Delta-V's, low earth orbits or even rocket details are not here accurate and is just my test. Gemini 1 (with test pilot Jebediah Kerman) days 8–12 of April 1964 Three Orbits Jeb makes it back. In the future I will hopefully make a better representation of the Gemini system and the other 10 launches which will include Grissom and Young (Virgil Kerman and John Kerman) for Gemini 3 to start the series.
  18. This is really upsetting me. Its almost like large corporations on the internet are trying to control us. Ill just shut this off and go read something. Hmmm I know I have some books by George Orwell around here....
  19. If you are doing a career mode stuff and your stuck with kerbucks and upgrading your KSC (Kerbal Space Center), do as many Tourism contracts as you can. Do 2 or even 4 passengers at a time. They do not pay any science but the kerbucks adds up fast. Just do some science tasks along with it. I am at tier 4 and have no problems with rocket sizes, aircraft parts or making anything I want as I go. I have upgraded my entire KSC in less than a month.
  20. Looking somewhat like the Batplane going at 551 m/s. Not bad for a pair of Juno's and a Wheesley.
  21. Yea, I bet your right @farmerben. I am sure its a trade off issue. The main Shuttle and Shuttle-C probably could have given us a heck of a lot more. When it boils down to it, politics probably got there heads into this somehow and messed that up too.
  22. Well here I tested the Mk1 capsule and the Mk1 Inline cockpit to see if the cockpit could go into space ok and not crumble. I did this along with my tourism career mode contracts with two kerbals. It was not a contract task but something I wanted to try for myself to see if I could get out of the capsule and climb into the cockpit in space. All worked great and I made it back just fine along with my two passengers. Altho Marney Kerman does not look happy that I took time to test this on their dime.
  23. Oh that looks really cool @Cavscout74, and where did you get that classic escape system from the Mercury program. Always loved that look!