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  1. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, JNSQ, some other mods) Took KerbalX out for a spin around my new JNSQ planet pack install. Man what an awesome mod!
  2. Yea I did that as well. I dont like too, its almost cheating in my own game, but in this case I already did this trip, twice as a matter of fact.
  3. Oh cool @BadOaks for mentioning that. I thought at 1st after reading your post that would be it, but no, the "probe" icon was checked. Thank you so much for that reply as well and reading all of my trip to the moon (and back) showing the steps I took to get there rather than assuming anything. After that post, I continued to google search more so about this issue and found that the "SETI Contracts" mod I had installed (even though its listed as OK) which was the task, has not been updated for a very long time. As a matter of fact it seems there are issues with it as well. No problem I removed it and will continue a bit more with stock contracts or ones tested for 1.8.1 only.
  4. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) OK this really looked like fun but in the end very depressing! I needed to land on the mun, take some samples but only do it with a probe. It did not work when I ended the career task as well, but I did get a bunch of science. Not really used to probes, I just got the only one available in tier level 6 which is the Probodobodyne Stayputnik and got it to the mun for some science with very little issues. It was very hard to fly with out normal controls but I got it there just fine in the end. Here is the contract Off to the moon! Haha I always say that.. to the Mun! Landed just fine but I noticed the part of the contract still has a white vessal info? Also the Mun landing text at the top should be green as well. Hmm not sure whats happening so I went back to Gene Kermans list and its still In-active. Any one else ever come across these types of issues with probes?
  5. I have had it running the past few days with no issues., but with very few mods running. Alot of them have not been updated yet so be careful.
  6. Welcome to the KSP forum @GEPEG_Unconscious even though you have been playing way longer than me. New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum.
  7. Welcome to the KSP forum @radicaled New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. As far as the tree is concerned, just balance it the best way you can. I usually do rocket stuff so a nice even balance between engine sizes, tank sizes, how many Kerbans you need to do and so on. I always pick fun stuff to do from the contracts from Gene Kerman and then look at the tree and what I need to accomplish in it. I always take tourism as a plus even though there is no science. It builds up fast for kerbucks, then I always go to parts testing for great science. I hope you have fun.
  8. Retro Starship


    Welcome to the KSP forum and Hello @1THC New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. I hope you have fun.
  9. I tried JNSQ for the 1st time last night on 1.8.1 via CKAN. Even tho I am still somewhat new to KSP by about 4 months or so it is just awesome. The planets are just amazing! I tried launching KerbalX as a test and was able to get to Kerbins orbit OK and had just enough fuel to land back just fine. Man this opens a whole new world for me. Even though its a bit harder to get into space than stock, it just seems so much more real to me.
  10. We finally made it to the Mun Well I had to bring two Kerbals to the Mun for just a flyby and an orbit, but everything went so well with my Basilia space craft and I had so much extra fuel, I decided to land on it as well. Valentina had other motives. I have never landed on the Mun before, just alot of times at that very lightweight Minmus, but hey, enuff fuel for the Mun, go down slowly, I would give it a try. If something went wrong or looked bad I could always just give it full throttle up and try to get back home. The contract said to ONLY bring them near the Mun when it was accepted and I just completed it, so what the heck.. Lets try it. Valentina said yea, lets do it. Gilry and Teduki Kerman also agreed. Down we go.... It looked bad at 1st because as I got near the inside of a crater, it went dark and I was crooked, but it landed just fine. Two minutes later the sun rose over the crater and I got out to plant my 1st Flag. Valentina made her 1st landing on the Mun! The other two Kerbals were inside looking out as she planted it. Now back to Kerbin for a warm reception, a parade and a raise from Gene Kerman. Gilry and Teduki Kerman were so happy as well to land with Valentina on the Mun. Gene Kerman took them all out to Disneyland after the parade as a special gift. We all found out afterwards though from Valentina, that Teduki Kerman asked for Gilry's hand in marriage as a Valentines event when they landed on the Mun. That is why Valentina made that special trip. Happy Valentines day everyone!
  11. Welcome to the KSP forum @DrJasonAaronScalmato New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. I hope you have fun.
  12. Welcome to the KSP forum @Satellitefanatic New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. I hope you enjoy the best space simulator program ever!
  13. No problem. One of the many Scifi movies I love. When ever someone thinks about "are robots taking away jobs" yea they are. Its just a few of us that love scifi that have a reason to understand its final outcome. I hope your having fun with KSP. Its a nice break away from current situations.
  14. So true lgg! He was an awesome actor, served on a sub chaser in the US Navy in WWII and made some great movies and someone I always admired. I think we all do. He had a stroke in the late 90's (something I know about) and survived that in an amazing way. And he was Spartacus and could kill nasty robots too! - - - RIP
  15. Oh yes, and these too... Have a nice day and Ill see you at the next checkout counter!
  16. Welcome back to the KSP forum @GroupJW New here myself by a few months. Love KSP, so much fun. Great video btw. Reminded me of some old Looney Tunes roadrunner VS Coyote stuff from back in the day. A true concept I bet of what will be coming to us soon tho, robots replacement will always be a problem, especially at the check out counter at CVS and such.
  17. Oh cool, I didnt know you could go back to prev versions, good to know.
  18. The final trip to the Sun for Erlo Well as of another trip (posted above ) where I brought 4 kerbals to land on Minmus, Erlo Kerman needed that trip too but the only one that also had to go around the Sun (Kerbol) as well by himself. This is his trip to the Sun in my rocket Basilia III. A three kerban capsule. I also did a swing by to Minmus for Tangee Kerman for an orbit but that was a quick jump on the way to Kerbals star. The missions for Erlo and Tangee: Valentina was the pilot again, but Sally Kerman had the week off. (yea no landings here, but the Basilia craft of mine, with great fuel tanks had the gear already) Erlo's trip is completed (wow I did need a bit more delta-v to get there) Thank you DvMap! Back to home: (lost two of the mono-propellant tanks on re-entry ... ahh yea.. I planned it that way, hehe) Not a bad ride for 250,000 kerbucks and two happy Kerbals!
  19. (1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods) Ok, I dont even know what to say here. (haha) Last weekend I just tested a bunch of stuff for my level 6 career parts contracts at once with a very unusual rocket! Engines at the bottom, engines at the top and engines all the way around... LOL!!! You may think its funny to see my capsule way down below this post, get into the water from space with an engine on top and test it, but I did it and was able to almost complete all my tasks. It still makes me laugh. Is that Cherenkov atomic engine in the wrong place??? Nope! What the. . . OK, Now Gene Kerman is really asking me to test stuff in funny ways, but hey.. It can be done.
  20. Welcome to the KSP forum @Outsoldier New here myself since the end of last year, but yea so much fun with KSP and this forum. What version of KSP did you get and from where? I am on 181 from steam and its great. Hope your having a good time starting this cool program.
  21. Yea, I knew this was coming with what we all do at the launch pad, but just wanted to make it clear to you all from my post above. Here is the best mod of all! At least for flying new rockets...
  22. Wow, That took my heart away, well done!