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  1. The next update is out. Thanks to seanth we got the good old landing leg working again.
  2. I'm looking into it. But if you have your patch ready in the meantime tell me.
  3. I tried it but the mod seems too big to be uploaded there. I did it. I would be happy with a little help because I am quite busy with my doctoral thesis. https://github.com/BLSPBlackDeath/Kerbal-Historical-Institute The parts making me headaches are the Landing Leg and the Landing Gear. If you are interested to help give me a PM.
  4. It was my first munlanding I think. It is a while back. ;-) Oh no, this was my first munlanding - with mods.
  5. Hi. Very good mod you have here. But I had a problem with deinstallation of your mod with ckan. I wanted a little more casual approch with stock communications. I removed Remote Tech and now I can't find the stock relay buttons at the Comstation. And it seems that the need of Stockcomnet is removed from my save entirely.
  6. I will surly download that and take it for a ride it looks very cool.
  7. I couldn't have said it better. We need some love for the career mode. I can't launch from the new launchpad. That is another failure, which will surely be corrected by modders.
  8. I would make it so that you can launch from it after you discovered the old KSC.
  9. Thats great to know. It is a livesaver for me, too.
  10. Well maybe it is just venting my disappointment. But I really would have liked complex missions in my career mode save which is at least 2 years old.
  11. You can make it work if the Builder would integrate a career initial condition as preset. And several mods like the Contract Configurator are working to build your own missions. It is bad game design to build the mission builder on the premise that it needs to create its own savegame.
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