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  1. Unfortunately, AMD Vulkan GPUs are less mainstream than Nvidia RTX GPUs. Most people who use ray tracing related things are probably on Win10. Though I expect the devs to use DX11 or OpenGL because of KSP's simple graphics control interface.
  2. I really hope KSP 2 will support DX12. From what I've seen, the current graphics are next-gen compared to the original KSP, but DX12 introduces a lot of new graphics options like ray tracing. P.S Can anyone tell me if KSP uses any version of DX/D3D?
  3. @JadeOfMaarThanks! I have recently built a giant spaceship and OPT parts. I'll start photography later.
  4. @JadeOfMaarDoes it have to be a spaceplane? Can it be a spaceship or a spacecraft? If it can be a spaceship I'll post some of my OPT spaceships
  5. Florida man hit by Soviet N1 replica near Fort Lauderdale
  6. I've been hearing rumors about micro-transactions on KSP 2 and I hope it doesn't happen.
  7. Yes it is real, I have not tried it, but I think one of the KSP youtuber. I think it was Scott Manley. @tseitseiprice at launch.
  8. @gilflo that's one of the most skilled SSTO missions I have ever seen. Great job!
  9. @docthaspok It was pretty easy, I just emptied out some of the fuel tanks acting as engine supports. The plane can be a bit unstable when the CoM is changed. the CoL was quite easy since I used 2 Type-C Main wings and some smaller wings on the end. These heavy aircraft actually take a lot of work to make sure the CoM/CoL is aligned. In fact, this is my first successful attempt at building such a heavy craft. Besides look at that other guy with the stratolauncher, it must be quite heavy too, despite the smaller fuselage. Usually to manage the CoM I just put some tanks near the wing that blends into the body. The CoL is easier. If your CoL is in front of the CoM, you can always move it back and add a wing pylon. Good luck on making a heavy aircraft! P.S: Try to download Kerbal Konstructs and make a larger runway/base yourself for optimal landing results
  10. Your challenge is to launch a rocket carrying a payload of a floating Laythe outpost with: Space for at least 7 passengers Research space Form of communication Docking to other aircraft Send another mission carrying more Kerbals to the outpost Life support / Cargo / Inventory mods are recommended for this mission.
  11. Challenge: Make a shuttle that can fly to Minmus with a budget of 5000. Level 1: Achieve the goal with mods (With reasonable part costs) Level 2: Achieve the goal in the vanilla game. Level 3: Do it with SRBs
  12. I hope the revamped service bays aren't invincible like the old ones
  13. OPT Showroom: AU-203-200 "Andromeda" Atmospheric SST Imgur gallery link (Some more pics): https://imgur.com/gallery/uZ9topa Description The AU-203-200 "Andromeda" Supersonic Transport Aircraft is a project by Aurora Aerospace, utilizing many advanced aerospace technology from previous SSTOs and Space Cruisers. The craft is used to transport large rocket parts, fuel, and exotic resources retrieved from space. It efficiently transports cargo at mach 1.5 to other space centers to support the growing Gaelean space industry. Technical Specs Engine: x6 J-60D, x2 Dark Drives Power Plant: x2 Dark Energy Reactors Capacity: 32 Passengers Cruise Speed: Mach 1.5, 450 m/s Range: 8000km Height Ceiling: 20000m Additional Attachments: x2 J-92 "Nebula" Turbojets.