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  1. It is totally not decent, that is why I like it XD (i'm playing in Science mode, so this is not a problem really) I've thought about refueling but I really wanted to do a rocket that needs no refueling, like a little challenge
  2. @InfernoSD that is a clean lander, even with a rover, well done !
  3. In case if someone wanna know, i've found the issue! I think the some of the parts got corrupted (maybe during one of the 20 crash I got building this rocket XD) Corrupted because I got this error if I loaded the lander only: So the issue was, those two parts were weirdly connected: So I just copied the opposite parts (that were not corrupted) and put it instead of the corrupted ones, and boom: Perfectly in the middle
  4. Yeah it's definitely too big haha. It's a bit sad because I took so much time doing this rocket, especially because my computer is slooow I'll just try to do another one Thanks!
  5. Okay guys, so this is definitely a bug, coming from my lander actually. So if try to remove the launch part, the center of mass is "following it": and if I remove the launch part, the center of thrust seems to be okay, but what are the center of mass and drag doing down there?? and if I try to remove one of the engine/fuel container, i cant put it back, it stays on my cursor... lol The bug may be coming from all the heat shields i dont know @InfernoSD Actually, since my rocket is tall, it falls over so the center of mass has to be in the middle, and I d
  6. Hello everyone! I bought the game in 2019 but I didnt play a lot due to my computer, so i'm still a beginner So I just went back on the game, and tried to do a rocket to go on Eve and come back. But I have some issues with the centers of mass/drag/thrust : Yeah I know the rocket is too huge lol But As you can see, the center of mass goes more on the "forward" side of the rocket But on the left/right side it is perfectly in the middle Since my rocket is symmetrical, I dont understand how it is possible... any known bugs? Ive tried remove or add some au
  7. I do the same, I just wanted to know how the antennas work
  8. No i dont have any Relay sats, but I think I forgot to put batteries on that lander xD i had solar panels deployed on it, but no batteries I think, so maybe it was the electricity. And how do you know if the science that you want to send is "suitable for transmission"? I wanted to send Science Jr, Mistery Goo, Thermometer, Barometer, and I also had EVA and Crew Reports, and a Surface Sample (but you cant send that I guess xD)
  9. Oooh okay I see, thanks a lot VoidSquid!! And no sadly I didnt take a screenshot of the error message i forgot, but ty!!!
  10. Hey guys!! I come back with new questions! xD First, I have a question about antennas: Here I was on Ike, and I had this little antenna at the top of the lander. But when I clicked on "Send data", i got a message "Unable to use the antenna" or something like that. But why? Maybe I was too far and I need a more powerful one? Second question: I built a rocket to go to Eve. The rocket was fine, and suprisingly stable, but I had issues to enter into the atmosphere. Same issue than before, the lander flipped over: At the beginning it was great, but after a few mi
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